Thursday, July 31, 2003

So... I have to work my magic today. I only sold $160 last night for that Partylite thing and damn...I need $40 to qualify for my consultant. So we'll see what happens as I walk around the workplace trying to get orders on the sly. So today, on top of being 18 minutes late, I'm going to be doing personal business. I suck.

I got my movies last night. I really really really want to watch them. But...can't. I have to watch all these Johnny Depp movies P and C rented before they go back. Well, at least Blow. No time tonight tho. I have to shop with Shawn and then go dance on the square with the steel drums that are going to be played. That's right. But it's not 'til after 9 so I guess there is time for something...I don't know. Oh a coworker was going to come over and play some xbox with me. What nerds!

My brain feels so dull today. Like I know exactly what I need to do, it just takes me forever to either do it or say it. I blame myself.

Tonight! Steeldrums on the square! Next week: Salsa Dancing!

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