Thursday, July 17, 2003

Sometimes, I'm really dumb. Like last night.

I went home after work and no one was there. I didn't have to visit Toast so I laid on the couch and read a bit before slowly drifting off to sleep. Only to be jolted awake when C and P got home. They went out getting applications at various places. I have been waiting to go so we could all go together. But oh well. I couldn't fall asleep again so I mumbled some words and hoped that would work. No dice. So I got up and got ready to leave. Pirates of the Caribbean was calling.

That movie is just too...I mean it's...Orlando Bloom with dark hair...And Johnny Depp is... wow. He's so funny! And hott. And dirrty. Ok, enough already, fuck Christina.

(Oh I'm sorry Christina, I didn't mean it!)

Anyway, back at my house I got ready for bed and discovered that I still had a nice packed bowl sitting out from a couple of nights ago. Well, I had to put it away and you can't put it away packed. That's, like, wrong.

I went into P's room and we talked for a long time. We both love our friends a lot, but they are over at our house all the time. And when I say all the time, I mean it. P and I managed to have a semi-serious conversation about it (a great task at the time for me). We haven't had anytime to ourselves really. Just to be us and be dumb, which is what we're good at. We also discussed books we have read recently and are planning on reading. This is so interesting I could shove a spoon in my eye.

It sucks sometimes to have friends who work third shift. Shawn called at 6:45am, before my alarm went off at 7. He told me all about his fantastic date with this guy last night. I just managed to agree while searching wildly through my clothes looking for something decent to wear. They're going out again tonight, good luck to them.

I want pudding. Green pudding.

Oh yeah. I went to get my license renewed, cause my birthday is next Monday, and it was really easy. I don't know, they always make it seem like it's a huge deal and I'd be there all day. Well...I wasn't. I did have to wait in line for a long time, but once I got up to the lady, she hurried everything for me because I had everything ready and perfect. My new picture makes me look really bad. Oh well, at least I'm still a licensed driver.

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