Wednesday, July 30, 2003

staying awake today is going to be a problem. last night, although I didn't do much, I'm fuckin tired. C and P were gone when I got home. I even brought dinner :( So I ate alone and then watched Two Weeks Notice alone. Aww. Remember that guy who I gave my number to after the Evanescence concert? Yeah, me either...but he's calling and sending text messages my way.

Shawn called to see if I was going to the club and he eventually talked me into it. I wasn't going to go, but I was bored and I had no idea where P and C were. Anyway, I went over to his house, smoked and then P and C call. They rented a bunch of Johnny Depp movies and had popcorn and everything. We went to the club. Damn girl. I got to see my homies in the hizzie. Good times.

We left at 1. Good for us! Shawn promised he would so I would get home a little early. I passed out on the way to his house. I have to drive from his house to mine and that sucked a lot too. But thankfully my lovely incubus kept me safe. Thank you incubus.

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