Thursday, July 24, 2003

(this is a long ass post and I'm really tired so I'm sorry if it doesn't make any sense)

Tuesday was great. After work, I went home and took a bath. So, so nice. Then P and I got all purdy and drove on over to Shawn's. He walked outside wearing a tuxedo and carring a teddy bear for me. I was totally stunned. Plus, he made us dinner with dessert. I was hella excited.

We left for Madison around...I don't know. But we hung out at Matt and Joey's for a bit before we left for the club. We went inside for a bit and talked with everyone. Then we decided we wanted to smoke. My stuff was in the car, so we all (Shawn, P and myself) went outside and sat in the car (cause there were a shit-ton of people who would pounce on us if we took that in there. However, we couldn't ignore the host. I called Joey up.
Joey: Shit girl, aren't you just outside?
Me: Umm, yeah.
Joey: Well, what the hell you calling me for?
Me: well, we need you out here.
Joey: I'll be right there.
He comes skipping out without even questioning why I wanted him out there. We hung out a bit longer, I had a shot or two, and then we left for the club. I was thinking about it, and I don't really remember anything that happened early in the night there. I wore my tiara and everyone loved it. A drag queen with which I've never spoken of said that he would do me if he was straight. 5 people called me pretty, 5 strangers. I'm not arrogant I promise. It's just before this year, I was never told things like this. CB bought me a flashy-light-thingy and I got a free glowy sticker thing that said Happy Birthday. The dj said happy birthday to me during a great song. I dunno.

I got to hang out with so many people I don't get to see. Tim, Patrick, CB, Crusty Monkey... Crusty and I had a great time dancing together. It was fun. We came pretty close to making out. We're dirty.

I even met some new people. Eric who I met thru Tim and Patrick and I should be seeing again (I finally have Tim's number!) And I met Sean. He's such a cutie. He was dancing on a box, complete stranger to me (a hot stranger tho) and he just leaned down and started a conversation with me.
Sean: Hey girl, I love your tiara, it's so cute and if it wasn't I'd tell you.
Me: Oh, thank you so much!
Sean: Why do you have a tiara by the way?
Me: It was my birthday on Monday and we're still partying for it.
Sean: Oh my gosh! Give me a hug, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Me: Thanks a lot, that's really nice of you.
Sean: Wow, you're really pretty and you know I'm telling the truth, cause if you weren't, I'd tell you 'cause I'm a fag.
Me: How sweet is that? Thank you.
Sean: Now give me a little kiss and get back to dancing.
So I did. I thought that was extremely cool of him. Then later I saw him again and we convinced Clay and Derrick that we had known each other for years, yeah we go way back...Back in the DAY.

The afterbar was fucked up. Clay was upstairs in his room watching Buffy. I wanted to smoke him up cause I love Clay to pieces. Reeses Pieces. So I called him on my phone, he came downstairs into Joey's room, but people kept walking in! It was supposed to be P, Shawn, Clay, Joey and myself. It ended up being P, Shawn, Clay, Joey, LaValle, Josiah, Ryan and Crusty. I got one hit off it. I was bitter. But then I just didn't care and took another shot.

I went upstairs and talked to Too-Tall. He's doing pretty good, he's keeping me updated on the whole situation. Right in the middle of our conversation, someone walked in without pants on. Now, although it's been said that people often lose their pants while drunk, I've never actually seen anyone do that. I got tired and everyone was in Clay's room so I went there too. I crawled into bed with Clay and passed out right away. I missed the drama. I missed the fight. And I missed the cops. Well, I'm not to upset about all that...

I woke up at 8 on Wednesday. It's a habit from falling back asleep after I wake up for work. I was freezing. So I went and got my sweatshirt from downstairs, when I came back into bed Clay snuggled with me and we warmed up. In fact, when I woke up at 1, I was hot! But it was P in bed next to me instead of Clay. I guess he went to work. He didn't seem very happy the entire night or the next day.

So it was 1 on a Wednesday. What were we going to do? Umm, how about go to the zoo? I really wanted to go and somehow it actually happened. Too-Tall, Shawn, P and I climbed into Shawn's car and off to Henry Villas Zoo, one of the last free zoos in the country. I had fun. A lot of fun. Too-Tall and P took forever, so Shawn and I were off in front of them.

We went home after that. C called me on the way and asked if we wanted to hang out. She came over, we ordered chineese delivery. The delivery guy shaved his hair off! He said he lost a bet. I think it's hot. He spotted the vodka Shawn had snuck in (vodka isn't allowed in our house) and just had to start the drinking. He drank straight vodka. The only way I could have done that is if I was already trashed. Then again, he had done 6 deliverys that night and drank at 4. It was fun. I think DG should come hang out more often. Especially since he's hot!

We all chilled for awhile and then watched the movie P gave me for my birthday. About a Boy. I loved it. I used to hate Hugh Grant. Seriously, but now...not so much. He's playing different characters than I've seen him play and I like it. They're always clueless charaters, but they're less whiney now. So he's still not my favorite, but I do like him a lot more now.

Oh one of my friends of whom I haven't seen in forever stopped by. It was cool as hell. Rockin' Rhonda! Her and P went to see a band that one of our ex-coworkers is in. C went to Perkins. I took a shower and went to bed. Shawn stayed up watching movies.

I woke up this morning and my place is trashed. If P doesn't clean today, I'll clean tonight. Cause...ick. Shawn was passed out next to me, C was on the couch and I'm guessing P was in her room cause how else would C get in?

Anyway, it was a good time. I had a lot of fun and wish to do it again. Can I have a birthday every month?

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