Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Um, I was in a bad mood yesterday. I don't know why. Yeah I do. I hate it when I feel like I don't have control over situations. I.E. getting stuck at work yesterday without a car. Having no money for gas and having to borrow money from my mother. I extrememly disklike having to take money from people. Even if they owe me money and it's what they're paying back...money is dirty. But I digress. And I do it a lot. Get over it.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to Madison. We all ended up going anyway. Shawn was in his car and I was driving with P in my car. We had our radios and we're talking a lot. It's good fun. I'm gonna have to say we all looked supa-fly.

We got to Clay's/Joey's and no one was there. We saw Derrick walking away, so we just went in and then back out to smoke. I called Too-Tall, no answer. I called Joey, he was still on his way home from work. I called Clay, he was upstairs. That dork. Once Joey got there a whole shit-ton of people showed up. Joey was sharing his bottle of Boonsfarm (ARBOR MIST aha ha ha ha) with me and we all played Porno Password. That's a funny fuckin game.

I wasn't going to go to the club, but I had to. My boy Shawny wanted me to and P was going...so peer-pressure man, what do you do? Give in. I actually remembered the way!

The club was dead. Ty, Tim, Patrick, Cody, Brandon, Chris....I dunno, there weren't that many people I knew. So what happens? P goes to the bar side with Joey and leaves Shawn and me. Then Shawn has to go dance so I'm there alone. I didn't care too much. Tim and Patrick showed up and showed me a good time. Wow. Patrick is really hot. Such a shame he's gay. He's an excellent kisser.

I saw Jacob...but he had to walk away and he promised to call me so we could hang out on Thursday.

Ok so I played matchmaker last night...again. When will I learn my lesson? Never. I was talking with Tim and he walked away, so up walks Shawn and asks what's the deal with Tim. Is he single? Is he looking? I fill him in on what's going on. Then outta no where, he says he would date him. I laugh. But then later I was talking to Tim and he says something about how cute Shawn is. So I tell Tim he should ask Shawn to go out sometime. He's just too fricken shy. Even with a gaurenteed yes (I kept going in between to make sure, not obviously tho).

Ohh oh oh oh! Shawn and I hardly ever see each other at the club. He's busy flirting and dancing and I'm busy talking and dancing. We rarely dance together. Last night tho, he grabs me and we danced like we've never danced before! But in a good way. After a little bit, I turn around and he's on the box. I go over ther and he pulls me up, undos his pants and we dance some more. It was a good time. I left shortly after that and haven't found out yet if either Shawn or Tim finally asked. They're both such wusses.

I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do...but I suggest you check out Audiovent. They rock my world. Seriously, I love the song Beautiful Addiction. It makes me want to smile with joy and cry from regret at the same time. But that's another story.

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