Friday, July 25, 2003

UPDATE: Does it seem wrong to you that it's only 10:50 in the morning but I'm already being offered many, many drinks? I mean, I've had a taste of a bloody mary and I'm thinking that the Bailey's is looking really good...

This is why I like Dave-
Text message from Dave: sorry I haven't been very responsive lately. I've been real busy.
me: It's all good. I stopped expecting it from everyone, so when you do reply, it makes u that much cooler.
Dave: excellent answer. thats very considerate of you.
me: thanks. party at my house tomorrow. r u comming? nothing big, but should be fun.
Dave: I work late tomorrow. (there's a big surprise LOL) I do want to visit before summers end though.
me: anytime, just let me know.
Dave: INDEED. without a doubt. I will talk to you later. ciao gotta go.

Which I guess really isn't a reason to like him, but damn. I can't wait for him to visit.

So today is the summer party at work. I'm not really looking forward to it. In fact, you might say I'm dreading it. Why you ask? Well, because last year I made the classic mistake of taking someone home. Well, nothing happened. Not really anyway, he was really persistant, but it wasn't happening. He took it a bit farther than I wanted to go. I was not happy. Anyway, I hated the guy after that and everyone at work thought we fucked. I am still really not happy with that considering I still get shit. Icky. So I have Shawn picking me up after work so that I can't really take anyone home with me. Unless I REALLY want someone to come over and then I'd drive...we depending on if I drink or not. Which I prolly will. I don't know.

I miss working at hardee's. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I miss Jerry. I miss Mary. I miss my boss. I miss a lot of people. All the sudden they're gone. Not fair!

Anyway, my sister's boyfriend/fiancee came over last night while she was bike riding with my parents. P and I entertained him in the smoking room until my sister got there with The Family Guy on dvd. Yay for that. I love that show and will never in my life understand it all. Oh well. That's all that really happened last night.

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