Monday, July 07, 2003

Whoa. I'm fucked up. I won't be able to remember a whole lot of details, wait that's a lie. I have a frickin brain for memorizing details even if I've only had a glance at something...see...I'm kinda fucked up.

This weekend I went up north, to P's hometown. I got to meet all of her family and see where she grew up. It was kinda cool. And a lot of fun. I missed Shawn and C, but I was glad to be away from my town. My parents were supposed to go out to dinner with P's mother, P and myself, but they backed out and I got really pissed off. Ummm, Levi came over later. Then he and P took off for Madison, while I stayed home and cleaned the house. I clean all the fuckin time! It's getting bothersome.

So last night I called my sister to see what was going on. She told me she was busy and would call me back in two minutes, but that I should come over and hang out with Billiam. I was going to wait for Shawn, but instead called him up and told him to meet me there. I was over there at 11:30 or something...I kept looking at the clock but it stopped making sense. I think he showed up at 11 or 12 or something. I dunno. I met his sister. They only stayed for a couple of minutes and then took off. They're driving to Texas. I don't know how he's going to do it, but he plans on driving straight thru. I hate driving that long. I mean, I need to sleep somewhere besides a car.

But I about died last night. Billiam was impressed by my smokin' skills. That's saying something. I had to drive home in the worst fog I've ever seen in this town. It was some scary shit. I called Too-Tall on the way home and left a message on his voice mail. I wonder what I said.

So today so far has been spent in a haze. I feel like I'm asleep. And I would be if I stopped moving. I'm so fucking tired.

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