Thursday, July 10, 2003

Work is so boring. I brought pictures of everyone to scan, but only did a couple cause they are easily viewed by other people and I didn't want to run the risk. I played with them in photoshop, but my knowledge of that program is extremely limited. I would write something (besides this crap), but work isn't exactly making my creativity burst with ideas. But when I'm at home, I rarely write. Unless we're smoking. Then I write down everything.

Oooo Dinner at C's house tonight...fish, shrimp, green salad, fruit salad and baked potatos. Yum.

Hey guess what! I finally got new glasses. Usually I wear contacts (not colored ones either), but it's been two years since I got glasses so I decided it was time for some new ones. They're pretty cute too.

It's hard to distract yourself by staying busy when you don't have anything to stay busy with.

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