Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Yesterday was interesting...for sure. I met my parents for lunch. That was nice. All day I was just kinda...blah. I went over there after work too, but my cake wasn't done. So I ordered my gift from them online and went home. P had cleaned the apartment. YAY! But that's not all. She left a note on the table that said "hey Kelly, let's find a rock." Then down the hall on the door to my room there was a note that said "a big ass rock" with a huge feckin rock sitting in front of my door. I open it up and there on my bed is first a cinder block with a note "or maybe something like a cider block is better", next to that is the rope with "I got some quality rope" and next to that is a club with "let's use a club!" I teared up. That was the coolest, most funny and original gift I had ever gotten from anyone. Even tho I don't get to keep any of it. If you don't understand what's going on, let me fill you in. There is a song from the Full Monty Musical about two guys trying to talk another guy into killing himself. It's become a song that makes us stronger, cause any time we feel like suicide is an option, that song just....gets us to realize how pointless it would be.

C comes over. Reads all the stuff and laughs like I did (she didn't cry tho). She brought me a huge ass box all gift wrapped in purdy paper and a CAKE!!!! With cool whip for frosting. YuMmY! And candles! We put that away in the fridge until Shawn got there.

My mother called and asked me to look in the fridge to see if there was anything she forgot over there, like tupperware or something. Since she's never been to my house really...I was confused. I still didn't get it tho. But I look in the fridge quick and didn't see anything, she tells me to look again and there on the bottom rack is a gianormous cake that says "Happy Birthday Kelly" on it and a tiara on top of it, just like I told her I wanted at lunch (I was half kidding).

Shawn called and said he was on his way over. He sounded tired. So we watched Star Trek until he got there, I let him in and he still sounded tired when I buzzed him in...so I open the door and he's crying. I immediately give him a hug and just try to comfort him, but I don't know what's wrong. We stand there for awhile, then I go get some tissue and P sees him all sad. So P took the side, I took the front and C was on the back and the other side and we just held him while he cried. Then he tells the problem and it's a pretty big one, but I have confidence that something will happen. Something has to happen. I'll fuckin make something happen.

Anyway, we talked for a bit and then got the candles lit and then cake cut. It was a lot of fun, I haven't blown out candles in years. I opened my present from C. YAY!!!! I got...I got...I got...so much! I got a windproof lighter, I got alumninum foil, I got highlighters (those three plus something green=good fun), I got silverware, I got $20 at the groccery store, I got free milk and I got free eggs. That is a hella lotta stuff. I love C so much! It was all stuff I needed and truely appreciated. (well, I didn't NEED the tin foil or highlighters but those are fun!)

We retired into the smoking room and had some conversations about...well, I don't know. But after an hour or so of talking, I decided that I wanted to go on a walk. So we drove to another town, walked up their strip.

While walking, we past a psychic place. I let myself be talked into doing it. Ok I wanted to do it. I got my palm read and the crystal ball done for $20. Oyvay! What a deal! According to my palm, I'm a young lady who doesn't like people telling me what to do, they need to stay out of my business. But I love and keep my friends very close. I'm going to live to my late 70's and I will be married to one person. With that person I will have three kids and be successful. Before I get married, I will be engaged but that will be ended and after awhile I'll get married, possibly to the same person. I'll have some health problems in my late 40's. That's all I can remember with that. With the crystal ball, there will be a wedding soon and it'll be a happy time. I will find love within three months, in fact, I'll be turning a lot of people down until I do actually find the one he was talking about. There was something about someone moving somewhere. One of my friends will betray me by spreading lies. I will have a change in career soon, and will be making more money. I've been having trouble lately with money, but soon I will be back in the game. School is very important to me. There will be an opportunity that will arise with the option of going to school again and I should definately do it, cause that is important to what happens later in life. Oh and an elderly person is going to have health setbacks, but should be ok if they continue to take their new medicine.

I really wish I would have been a little more sober so I could remember it. But I do remember thinking about how he was just playing off what info I was giving him. Anything that revealed a little bit of my personality or character, he said something about it. Also, things were very general. But it's all good. I wasn't expecting the world to change.

We went to Perkin's. I ate. I got sad. Neither of my sisters called me. That hurt. So I called my mom and asked her to bitch at them. My oldest sister called me right away. She seemed like she was preoccupied with thoughts tho.

We went home. I took a shower and went to bed. My other sister called at 12:30 and said Happy Belated B-day. She wants to hang out tomorrow, cause they (her boyfriend too) don't work until 11 at night. But I'm supposed to go to Shawn's for dinner. We'll see what happens.

I wanted to go to Great America on Wednesday. But none of my friends can afford it. I fucking hate it when they talk like they can conquer the world, but they can't even go to six flags. And they're not doing a whole lot about it. I don't know, I have never ever had a hard time getting a job. Never. In fact, all of my jobs have been offered to me. So I guess I don't know what it's like, but damn. It might work better if you actually tried to get a job...like calling employers back after they call you. Argh. Sorry. I'm just a little ticked off.

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