Monday, August 04, 2003

Hey I'm back. It was a long, long weekend.

Friday - When I got home, P was cleaning and Shawn was watching a movie. I was bored and needed to go to Walmart, so I called my mother up and asked if she would like to accompany me. She was on the phone with my sister (F), so I went and picked my mother up and then F and her fiancee (W) up too. While the girls all shopped, W got his hair cut. We talked a little bit about leaving in the morning on Saturday and they told me to be packed and ready. I got home, smoked and watched Final Destination 2 with Shawn and P. Wow, if you don't like gory movies...this is not for you.

I get a call at 10. It was W asking if I could be ready to leave that night. I said sure and we left at 11:15. The drive took forever! At least I didn't have to sit next to the other guy that came with us. I dislike a lot of people. In fact, there are only three that I can't think of right now. But I really really really dislike this other guy that came with us. Anyway, I ended up passing out for a bit, a huge no-no for the person in the passenger seat. Oh well. When we got to Bloomington, MN they woke me up. Most of the hotels were booked but we managed to get a room. No, a suite. The Presidential Suite. Oh yeah baby. Room 1501 and 1505 at the Grand Hotel. Beautiful...I'll have pics soon.

Saturday - we spent the day at the mall. duh. I spent too much money, but it was fun. We left around 5. Mischelle and I went swimming...STORY! (prolly not a good one but...) I got a new swimsuit. I just bought one, but left it at home cause...I just did. I now have the swimsuit of my dreams! And it was only $60. Ouch. Oh well. After swimming and showering, F and I met the guys at the bar in the hotel. W bought us all a shot and damn...they didn't have shot glasses so we ended up drinking about a double the way she poured it. Free Margarita for me! Then off to Ihops. Yum. We got the entire crew to chant a happy birthday rhyme-y thing to the crustation. He was embarrassed. Funny! We invited the host at Ihop to come hang out with us but that never happened...our fault. Back at the hotel, we had another drink and then went up to the room. It was insane the room we had. Beautiful. We sat around this huge table passing a pipe around. Then we realized it would be easier if we just sat in the huge comfy chairs in the living room around the coffee table. Yay. There was a bit of drama that night...F and W had to have a little fight, it wouldn't be vacation without it.

Sunday - Woke up, ate, went to the mall for a couple of hours...left and came home. We meant to go to the casino but...oh well. Once home, I unpacked, showered, passed out on the couch...F and W came over and we smoked. A lot. Shawn and P got there, they smoked. We all watched Final Destination 2. Gory. Again.

Oh the things I saw at the mall. Live Abercrombie & Fitch Models. Fucking hot. Instead of a six pack stomach, he had like an 8 pack. It was crazy mad the muscles that boy had. We got our pictures taken with Charlie Brown and the gang and I think Linus was trying to hit on me...he kept putting his blanket over my shoulder. Hmmm. I rode a roller coaster inside a building...not a very good one but still. We played hack in this huge hallway that went no where and did nothing. Just a hallway. Don't ask me why, but that was cool. Oh well. I'll write more later...maybe

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