Thursday, August 21, 2003

I just got Yesterday in my head. One of my favorite songs on this earth.

My mom saw a lot of me yesterday. I'm pretty sure she had fun. P, C and I went over there and watched Raise the Red Lantern. I finally got to see it all. It is really depressing. C left so P and I bummed around my parents house for awhile. We got to chat with my mom and then my sister joined us when she came over later. It was a good time.

My mother, father, sister, her boyfriend and myself went out to dinner. It was nice. We talked and laughed and just had a good time. I was called cultured. That was pretty cool. But then they started teasing me about my old nickname, which I will not be disclosing at this time. The whole time we were sitting there, I was looking out the glass wall at the clouds. They were moving really fast and looked really cool, until they turned black. Eventually they were right over us and a dust devil formed in the parking lot across the street. It only lasted 15 or so seconds, but it was pretty cool. Thunder, wind, pouring rain. It was a big storm. I was nervous. I always get nervous around storms. Not even my two drinks could calm me down. Yeah, I love watching them, but from a little bit of a distance. This was right over us.

For her birthday, my father gave my mother a vacation. But she couldn't go alone. And he couldn't afford to go with her. They needed someone who can afford to go and who my mother wouldn't mind spending a couple of days with...me. My dad asked me yesterday if I would be so kind as to vacation with her. I said of course. But later when thinking about it, I realized I would have to give up my trip to New York to do so. I can afford two vacations, but I don't want to spend that money. And I don't have that much time off work. So... unless my mom decides that she wants to go to New York, looks like I'll have to wait another year.

When I got home, P and C were soaking wet and laughing merrily. They went out on the balcony and played I guess. McGovern was there too and apologized to me for it. Now it's really starting to bother me that he thinks I hate him. As long as he isn't there for days at a time, I'm ok.

My sister was supposed to call me last night and we were going to hang out. But she didn't. So I ended up falling asleep on the couch at 10 while waiting for her. I woke up and jumped into bed at 11. I woke up and changed into pjs at 1. I woke up for no reason at 3. I woke up for no reason at 6. I didn't wake up for my alarm at 7. I didn't wake up for my alarm at 7:10. I woke up at 7:20 for no reason. Then I realized I had no clothes, threw some pants on, ran to my parents (because my laundry was over there) and grabbed a clean shirt.

It's been a long day and I still haven't even looked at my work yet. I suppose I should tho. I hate advertising.

Oh, in case that wasn't interesting enough, read this

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