Thursday, August 07, 2003

I went and saw Toast again last night. Man I hate going to that place. I never thought seafoam green was so hideous until it was painted on cinderblocks. Ugh. He gets out soon tho...like 50 days. Ok 49 now. He has no plans still...except to get drunk once he's out "cause man...I just have to get drunk." I don't think his parents are letting him live with them again, so he has no place to live and no job. I'm thinkin he might have to work on that.

So I went to sleep at 4:30 the other night right? Well, P and C didn't go to bed. When I got home from work, P was hanging out playing atari with some guy we know from Perkin's. We talked a bit, then I left and they slept. When I got back, I read/slept on the couch for a half hour until the door buzzed. I crawled to answer it cause I have no energy at all. It was C.

We put in Requiem for a Dream and right when I first heard the music I was already depressed. Everything is going so right for everyone...then nothing. I dunno. The guy tried to be talking while I was watching it and I got a little bitchy. Whoops, I appologized later. After I got done crying and snotting all over myself.

Oh that movie. If you haven't seen it and you don't mind getting depressed for a little bit, watch this movie. But don't watch it alone!! I was damn near suicidial after watching this the first time. But really I would highly recommend it.

The greatest and best game in the world. Or just a fun way to waste time.

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