Monday, August 11, 2003

Lately, when I talk I feel like Mr. Pockets when South Park did Great Expectations.

Friday - I got home and Final Destination 2 was on. Again. I about screamed. Instead I went into my room and laid on my bed for a long time. Shawn came in and we talked and wrestled and just hung out. I felt much better then. My sister who was in town stopped by and smoked us up. It was a good time. Her and her boyfriend left right away so Shawn and I went and rented some xbox games. I finally got to play Halo. He had to work at midnight so after he left, I think I went to bed...oh C came over before he left and we watched Memento. Good movie...sorta.

Saturday - Shawn, P and I went out the lake around 9 and paddled around. We swam a bit...lovely. We dropped Shawn off at our apartment and then went to walmart. Made our purchases and then came home to find Shawn already showered and passed out on the living room floor. We both got clean and I watched Twin Falls Idaho. Sad. But happy? Shawn woke up and we played Halo. S and Pammy came over. They ordered Chinese. The delivery guy took over my game for a bit while I ate. S and Pammy left. Shawn fell asleep again so I went and passed out in P's bed (it's really soft). P came in and woke me up at 11. We laid in bed and talked until 11:40, realized in order to get booze we needed to get there before 12, hurried and got ready and then sped our asses to the liquor store. We picked up a case of Mike's Hard Lemonade, a case of Smirnoff Triple Black and a case of Bud. Bleck. Then we drove on out to S's.

No one was there. Eventually tho, people started showing up and there was a party around a fire. Nice. A dance party even. I saw two people I hadn't seen in a long time. I was called attractive withing 10 minutes of being there. I used my charms to have whatever I wanted played. Of couse I used this power for the good of all. But a night of drinking, smoking and dancing after not sleeping, drinking water or resting finally caught up to me and I almost passed out (fainted). So S and P set me up rather nicely behind some trees with a couple of blankets and pillows, bread and a cup of water. I got bit by a shit ton of mosquitos before I thought it would be a good idea to pull the blanket over my head. I was woken up 2 hours later by the blanket being ripped off of me and my sweatshirt throw at me. I guess I had been talking and said I didn't want to get up cause it was too cold. I was sober. P was sober(ish). Becky was not sober. So P driving Becky's car, followed someone else to Becky's house. I followed all of them and P came home with me. Right when we did get home, McGovern calls my phone and askes if I'll be awake to let him in (he's sorry he woke me up but with my job and all, he thought I would be up). I handed the phone to P and retired to my bedroom at the ripe time of 5:53am.

Sunday - I woke up at 11:00 when C called. I answered the phone and she told me I wasn't supposed to do that. So I hung up and when she called back she left a voice mail. I laid in bed for a bit and then realized that it was a waste. I got up and cleaned. First the zen room and the living room. Then off to my parents to pick up my laundry. I washed a load of P's clothes and then folded some of my parent's. I watched some tv and returned home. I cleaned my room and the bathroom. I even picked up the kitchen a bit (even tho I wasn't going to cause P has to clean something!). After cleaning all that, I laid on my bed and read my book. The Family. Ryan called. Outta no where. It was great, he invited me to New York. In October. It was like a dream come true (except he's not straight). Damn. Anyway, I said yes as calm as I could. We're going to see if anyone else wants to go.

McGovern and P finally exited slumberland and returned to the real world around 2. We watched Trainspotting. Oh yeah baby. A bit of a nasty, depressing movie but pretty good (you get to see Ewan McGregor nekkid). Shawn called and asked me to come over, I agreed. McGovern left when P and I went to my parents. Well, I dropped her off and then went home and showered. I realized that I couldn't go over to Shawn's cause C's Partylite thing was that night. So I kept trying to get ahold of him but couldn't. Back over to my parents I went. P and I watched tv until my parents got there (along with an uncle who doesn't talk and aunt who doesn't shut up). My dad was a bit of an ass so I went downstairs where P was and we talked until my mother came down and invited us to dinner. We declined, but we did go to the store with her. After that we went home. Yay for home. I was asleep at 9:30.

Ok, this might sound really weird, but this is the coolest cd I've heard in a while... no one ever said I was normal.

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