Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Let me tell you a story. There once was a girl named Kelly. She grew up in a mostly happy home. Then her oldest sister started to get into trouble. She would stay out late, skip school, smoke cigarettes and maybe even *gasp* marijuana. Little Kelly saw the heartbreak this caused her parents. One time, after the oldest sister got put in juvinile for a night and the father broke down in front of the family, Kelly vowed she would never hurt her parents like that.

Flash forward 10 years. Kelly is all grown up and living with her best friend. She's changed much since we've last seen her. She smokes, drinks and gets high. Outside, she looks fine, inside she is racked with guilt. Letting people down, not fulfilling their expectations makes her feel as if she isn't good enough. But she has so many different problems that worring about drinking and smoking just don't seem as important. Now there is the pressure added in from working, paying bills and trying to keep everyone happy. And then Kelly realizes that in order to pay all her bills, she's going to have to get a second job.

Her roommate remarked about how much she is actually drinking and smoking. Which happens to be a lot. Kelly nodded her head and appeared to forget what was said, but she thought about it for a long time. She knew she should give up the demon marijuana, but just couldn't seem to let it go. Life had gotten bland without it. Because when all there is is reality, people will do anything to escape.

So what is Kelly going to do?

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