Friday, August 08, 2003

Ok for a week straight I keep forgetting my notebook at home and it's killing me. See, I'm a big fan of writing stuff down. Random thoughts and just...writing words. Well, I have a notebook that I write it all in and it's pretty! Well, the cover is plain blue, but the paper is stationary that I glue in after I write on it. Well, I have the stationary here that I am writing on, but I have nothing on which I could glue the writing or the pictures I have. So it's not that big of a deal...but I miss it.

I got home and that guy was still there. I guess he'll be around for a while too so I can give him name I guess. Let's call him...McGovern. Well, when P asked me right away how I slept... anyway. P and M left. They were going drinking or some such nonsense. Shawn came over. McGovern stayed there. He watched Final Destination 2 and we talked a bit. He left after 2.5 hours. Finally. I mean don't get me wrong, he's a cool guy, but I just wanted to be in my house and not have to worry about anyone else. Shawn doesn't count.

Shawn and I hung out. Smoked, shopped, watched a movie and talked and talked and talked. Just had a fun night together. And yes Joe, he is hot...I told him and he said thanks (while grinning like a fool). Flattery will get you everywhere.

So I wake up this morning and Shawn isn't in bed. But he walks in and someone else walks out of the bathroom. I ask him who it was and he said P. I wasn't expecting them back so it was a little strange. M was on the couch and while I was getting ready, McGovern rang the door.

All I want is my apartment to myself someday. It never happens anymore. There is always someone there. It drives me a little insane but...what can you do? I can't kick P's guests out and I don't want to kick my guests out (when they're there - Shawn doesn't count). Shawn is like the unofficial roommate. He even said he would start paying rent even tho he knows that he can only stay there two nights a week. But if he did, he said that he would have to be able to have in the house: Emperor's New Groove, vodka and sex. P and I hid our copies of ENG cause Shawn watched it every day. We've already done that two summers ago. So...nah. Vodka isn't allowed cause it makes both P and myself puke. Well, me not really unless it's blue uv. I hate that stuff. Sex cause...ain't no one getting laid in our house unless it's us. And right now its P who's getting all the action. That bitch.

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