Wednesday, August 27, 2003

So my office must have had sympathy pains for the northeast cause the power went out yesterday. I was really hoping that it would stay off for the rest of the day...but no. It came back on after a half hour.

I ended up going over to my sister's after work. During the two hours it took to straighten my hair, Shawn and this girl I used to work at Hardee's with showed up. They retired to the smoking room with my sister's fiancee while my sister and I sat out in the kitchen. Shawn came out and gave me a shotgun. He turned to my sis and asked her to come into the other room. She said we could if he got on his knees and begged. So they made a compromise and he had to beg my sis while giving me a lap dance. It was funny as hell. Cause if that boy can do anything, it's dance. So we moved into the smoking room. The pain from doing my hair just disapeared.

Shawn and I went back to my house. I got ready really fast and Em came over. We all dressed alike. Not on purpose at all. It was kinda scary. Black shirts, black belts, blue jeans and black shoes. We're such dorks we took pictures before we left. Because of my hair, the clothes and we're dorks.

I rode with Em and the whole way there we smoked. Not a lot, one bowl lasted the whole time.

We got into the club no problem. It was too easy. Em and I found Shawn and hung out with him. I wasn't feeling the club vibe last night. I didn't want to dance, I didn't want to talk...I was just kind of eh. I didn't even want to drink and wasn't going to. Until I saw a friend from childhood. He was totally wasted and bought me and Em a drink. Holy shit was it strong! I mean, I expected something a little stronger because the guy who bought the drink knows the bartender and the bartender thought it was for him. But damn. It was extremly cool of him to do that tho.

We stayed for two hours and then left. I was totally passing out on the way home but almost managed to stay away the whole time. As long as we were talking I could stay awake but the minute we stopped my eyes closed. When we got home (she lives across the parking lot from me) I was so tired I almost just went to bed and was going to call in today. But instead I took a shower, was in bed by 2:30 and called to say I would be an hour or two late cause I wasn't feeling well.

OH. MY. GOD. A friend who I haven't talked to in a hella long time called me last night. He was totally fucking with me tho, cause I thought it was him, but wasn't sure and he wouldn't tell me. Wow, if I could ever possibly relay how intensely cool this is... I don't even know what I'm trying to say it was so cool. He's going to come visit and possibly move up here. That would rock my world. It would be madness! I'm really excited cause he's calling again tonight! At least he had better.

Ok and thanks to t-bone, here are some things you don't really need to know but I'm going to say anyway:

If you would like to play along and have me interview you ... the following rules apply:
1. If you want to participate, please leave me a comment saying "interview me" (along with your e-mail address, please).
2. I will respond by asking you five questions – each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1.List five things about yourself that make you special and unique.

Five things that make me special…ed. aw jeeze. Um. I’d like to think there are certain qualities I have that set me apart from people. However, this is my opinion and I might just be full of shite, but anyway… 1- I think I have a really great sense of humor. I’m not afraid to laugh and be really dorky, like so many people are. 2- I go through extreme mood swings in a matter of seconds. Going from being hella hyper to the pits of depression, back to being hella hyper. Sometimes several times in a row. 3- I’m really, really considerate. To a fault. I will go very far out of my way to help someone, but am crushed when I don’t get it in return. 4- I forgive. I don’t hold grudges. And I’m trying to teach myself be able to. Because there are some things that you can’t forgive a person for. 5- My hair. Yeah, not very substantial…sue me. People recognize me because of my hair. Not quite Pauly Shore recognizable, but still…

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and whom would you want with you?

Somewhere in Spain. Who would I want with me? Well, really I’d want my sisters, my parents and my closest friends. But if I couldn’t have all them then I would settle for him.

3. How do you feel when it rains? Why?

Clean. Relaxed. Inspired. Frustrated. Because nothing comes from the inspiration.

4. Describe your best friend. What do you dislike about him or her?

Well, this is harder to do. I have more than one best friend, but the one I’m closest to, who knows most of my secrets and I know a lot of hers, is P. My friend for 2 years and roommate for 3 months. We are so much a like but just different enough. She’s just so much fun. We could be sitting at home, just talking and have a blast doing it. She really does have a terrific sense of humor and can be very emotional. She doesn’t cry unless she watches a sad movie and she’s not crying because of the movie. It’s just the trigger. She’s not afraid to do things by herself.

I dislike the fact that she just can’t think sometimes. I have shown her the easier and more efficient way to do many things, but she just doesn’t always figure it out for herself. Another thing I dislike is her inability to remember stuff. She needs constant reminding often and has to write everything down. Not quite as bad as Memento, but sometimes she can’t remember something she just said.

5. What is your favorite food, and when is the last time you ate it?

Pizza. I feel like a 12 year old when I admit that, but yeah. And I had it two days ago. Marvelous sausage and mushroom pizza with the sausage picked off.

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