Friday, August 15, 2003

So we have a stalker. By we, I mean he has my phone number but wants to talk to P. He called me 5 times at work yesterday. I keep my cellie on silent so my boss doesn't find out that I occasionally take calls whilest at work. This stalker I'm talking about...McGovern. P realized last night, when I was telling her the excessive amount of phone calls I received, that she never should have slept with him. Duh. P wants a F*ck buddy. He is clearly not the type of guy who can handle that relationship.

And tho he's a nice enough guy, even if he tries a bit too hard, he's really annoying right now. I like him even less because the only time he has ever really seen/talked to me, I've been in a bad mood so he thinks I'm a bitch. Because he already knows me as a bitch, it's easier to be bitchy around him.

He's doing a bit better today. Even tho because of him, I state on my voicemail that I am, in fact, at work from the hours of 8 to 5, Monday thru Friday he still called today at 3:30.

Ok, out of curiosity I put a site counter on here the day before yesterday I think. Pretty sure that's it anway. And it shows that I have 30 hits. Yet only one person left a comment. Granted it could be that one person over and over again, but I don't think I'm so important to Indigo that he needs to check my site 30 times in two days. But he is cute, so I wouldn't mind if he did feel that particular need. So...my question is who else is out there?

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