Monday, August 25, 2003

This weekend was filled with much nothing-ness. P was at drill, Shawn worked most of the time. But Crusty Monkey stayed the night Friday. Clay stayed the night Saturday. Shawn and I hung out Sunday. And Em was there all three nights. It was fun.

Remember M? Well, he was J's (my ex) roommate and also a Kitchen regular. One of my friends. Well, his father died last week. I had no idea. I only found out because his brother and sister-in-law used to work in the same office I do. So we're all signing a card for the family.

Ok, and I know M is 30, so that puts his parents at a higher risk of passing away, but it still makes me worry about my parents. I already miss them just from not seeing them everyday like I used to. But if they just stopped existing... I'd be totally lost. The parents are my foundation that keeps me grounded to real life. So much of what I've accomplished in life is because of them. I realize that someday they are going to die. Everyone does. But I don't think I will ever be ready for it. It makes me really glad that we're friends.

Tonight my father and I are supposed to go trap shooting. However, it's raining. So we'll prolly hang out at their house and play xbox or something. It will be really cool to actually get to see them for more than a half hour.

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