Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Two people said something to me about looking serious too much. Well, actually one of the guys said I looked "blank". Now I understand what he means when he says that cause C spaces out all the time and her face just ... stops. I don't know if I like that tho. Blank.

After work, I was feeling like poopy. So I tried to make myself get into a better mood...it almost worked. But then I got home and McGovern was still there (he had woken me up that morning at 6:45 to let him in...I made him wait outside until 7 when my alarm went off). And they were watching Braveheart. P and I have been trying to watch that together since we borrowed it from my parents a couple of months ago. So I went into my room and tried to sleep for a bit. A couple of friends called so I didn't really get any sleep.

My dad and I had a blast last night. I went over there at 6:30 and both of us were just exhausted. But he still made me dinner. How cute is that? Chicken, mashed taters and corn. It was like a dream come true! Real food. We talked and ate. It was really fun. Then we busted out the xbox and showed those zombie B-yatches who was boss. All the way until 9:00. I was either getting tired or waking up...I couldn't tell. So I kissed my dad goodbye and went home.

I really meant to go to bed. Just like I meant to leave Perkins at 11:30 last night. But instead.I got home from Perkins at 1.

M was there. And he seemed ok. He sat with P, C and myself for most of the night. And how could you not laugh when sitting by us? We're supposed to have movie night and watch the Freddy Kruger and Jason movies... I still haven't seen any of them so they have all decided it is their mission in life to culture me in the ways of 80's horror movies. I think I know plenty of '80s B movies but ya know...whatever.

Oh yeah, I'm going to the club tonight. The only club that isn't lame. Which happens to be a gay club. Where a lot of my friends happen to go. Cause a lot of my friends happen to be gay. Anyway, P and I are going to try and get people to buy us drinks. Since for tonight only, I will be 21. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. Anyway, I really hope to hear this song.

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