Thursday, August 28, 2003

Wello. I finally saw Chicago. The movie. Not the city yet. But I will. Thank you Ryan. Anyway, my mother and I rented the movie last night and watched it over at their place. YAY!! I need to buy it now (which sucks cause I don't really have money for it, but rocks because I will own that wonderful movie). After we watched that, I really meant to go home and sleep, but ended up going over to my sister to chill with her fiancee and some other peeps. Whoops.

I'm really glad I don't work tomorrow. Shawn and I are supposed to spend the night hanging out together. But we'll see if it happens. He has a date or something and I think I might have plans...but I'm not sure.

Tomorrow tho, yeah baby. I won free passes to The Ark so P, Shawn, C and myself will be driving on down the road to swim a little. I also have a lot of gift certificates for some restaurants so we will be dining for free. Nothing better.

Saturday...it's either Taste of Madison or Chicago. Hmmm... I guess it depends on who is at the JJO stage. Eh...it doesn't matter. But I can't miss Caroline’s Spine on Sunday. They rock my world.

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