Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Why isn't this working?

So last night...I don't care. I'm sick of the tension at home. Shawn and P aren't getting along right now. He calls her a bitch, she calls him a bitch, he calls her a slut, she calls him a hypocrite. I'm sick of it. Two of my best friends are tearing me apart. They aren't talking to each other and I have to play messenger. It's stupid. I thought they could act like reasonable adults. But nope. Supposedly Shawn wants to sit down and have a nice long talk...ha. Nice - that's a bunch of bs. I'm so afraid they are going to talk, but instead of listening and seeing from the other persons point of view, they'll just blow up. And by them I mean Shawn. P can handle it, we've been thru some times and I know that she's reasonable. But he's so emotional and sensitive (but still bitchy, don't get me wrong) that a little complaint about him could set him off for a week long drama show. It's hard enough to deal with my friends when then have issues, but when they have issues with each other...who am I supposed to go to for help when I can't handle it all?

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