Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I cooked! 

Well, P and I cooked. We made eggs, bacon and toast. Yummy. Ok, so the bacon was a little burnt and the eggs got a little crunchy but it was pretty good. The toast was perfect. A great meal to watch the Sword in the Stone. That's really all we did last night.

But it's not all we were supposed to do. That guy that P had "everything" in common with was supposed to come over. All night she had been describing how great he was and how I was supposed to tell her if he was a douche bag cause she saw nothing wrong with him so far and that's just not natural. Or something like that. Well, he's a douche bag cause he didn't show up.

The other night, my sister's boyfriend invited me over to his house for some herbal refreshments but I couldn't make it, so I took a rain check for last night. Or I was supposed to, but he never called. That's ok tho, cause I turned my phone off. But I checked my messages this morning and some guy called:

Guy: Hey this is Mike. I'm a friend of [my sister] and [my sister's boyfriend] and I was wondering if later tonight you might like to get together with me and ... become friends. I think it would be fun. Ok. Bye then.

I figure it must me a joke. I mean, if my sister would seriously do that to me, I would slap her upside her dumb head and never talk to her again. Well, I wouldn't slap her and I would talk to her again, but I'd be a pissy bitch to her for a couple of days. I don't get it. She asked me not to give her number out to anyone, including her friends that she used to have (but no longer does becaues her boyfriend is a fucking ass that way). But she can give my number out to random strangers, joke or not and think that I'm ok with it. Ummm, no.

One thing I didn't mention about the parade on Sunday. Shawn was supposed to be there instead of Scary Mary. But at the last minute (2:00 Sunday morning) he ditched out. If I hadn't gone over and woke Scary Mary to ask her to do this I would have been fucked. This is part of my job and he just left me high and dry. Not cool. So when I got an email from him appologizing this morning, I didn't quite know what to do. Cause lately I feel like he's been ignoring out little group. And he has. But he says it's because he feels like he was getting annoying to P. I'm so sick of that mess that I just don't even want to touch it. He could just call me, but no. And when I call, I can't get a hold of him. I feel like I'm losing a friend because two of my friends are being really silly and not discussing issues. Again.

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