Monday, September 15, 2003

I do not want to be at work 

I feel like I have a totally stereotypical hangover. I remember saying sometime recently that I wasn't going to drink for awhile. So much for willpower. I went and tried to smoke a cigarette too, but nope, that I can still give up.

I was supposed to have the afternoon off on Friday. I ended up worked until 4 to get a stupid mailing out for the department supervisor cause she had to have the day off. For something really silly like stamping or something. I was very bitter cause I was going to go to Chicago, but there wouldn't really be any point to going so late.

Oh my gosh, this really shouldn't be exciting as it is, but on Saturday, P and I went groccery shopping! We have food! And toilet paper! It's kind of exciting. And we cleaned. So our appartment is looking pretty good right now.

And Sunday. Oh my precious little Sunday. I actually typed a post last night while under the influence. It makes sense...mostly:

"You rock my world. If you are reading these words you rock my world.

So today was a big celebration and sale in one of my towns today. So there was a parade! And I got to be a parade official! So I actually walked the parade route three times handing out programs. P, C, Scary Mary and myself actually. Ohhh and we got to ride on a float of some sorts. Afterwards, C and Scary Mary took off. P and I went to the bar with my coworkers and we both got pretty drunk. Whoops. I saw lots of people I knew, J and M were there. I kissed jonk a couple of times. I met some new people, I saw some people from the past...wow. Smurf. I liked smurf a lot. "

Yeah. I had a lot of beer last night. I don't even like beer. Well, I guess I don't have too much of a problem with it...cause I drank it. Beer, a small swallow of a jagerbomb and a kamakazi. Nice. I didn't get too drunk (yes I did), but I had a lot of fun. I didn't go home with anyone and no one came home with me...including P who went with this guy who she had "EVERYthing" in common with (both of them thought so). Because they were both in the "armed service and ... just everything". He was pretty cool.

Oh my gosh, Smurf, who I talked about up in my drunken ramble from last night was there! I haven't seen him in almost 2 years. Sad. He was one of my supervisors when I was a lifeguard and I had a huge crush on him. I don't know why, he's kind of an ass. But he got on stage with the band and sang Sublime. I can see why I used to like him. He is "Best Friends!" with one of my coworkers, Beach Boy. That same coworker told me to take his cousin home with me because he's going back to Cali today and needed to have a good time. Yeah I don't know.

I also made some new friends. Maria and Ron. I know I've seen Maria before so when I stopped her and asked her, she said I look familar too. (Of course when in a bar and drinking, everyone looks familiar) We actually have seen each other around through work (I advertise, her boyfriend owns a local business). But we decided that we're going to be friends. P and Maria are going to go to the bar sometime together.

It was a great night, ending with...going to my parent's. The bar I was at was actually about 20 miles from my house, so C (I love this girl) came and picked my drunk bitch ass up. She also dropped J off at Perkin's and waited while I went in and acted like a stupid drunk person. I did get toast out of the deal tho, so I don't really care. Anyway, she not only drove me to my car (which was at my parent's) but she listened to my stupid mouth which never shut up.

It was cool as hell to talk to my mom. She shut off the tv and listened to my bar stories. Then while we were talking later, she said out of us kids (my 2 sisters and I) she probably had the most fun with me. And that while she doesn't mind being our mother (cause we turned out pretty good) she really enjoys being our friend. I'm not quite sure how to take that one, but ... oh well.

I was just talking to Beach Boy and Smurf is missing! Apparently the girl he's been trying to get with all summer long was at the bar with her boyfriend last night so he was doing all sorts of crazy stuff (like getting on stage and singing Sublime) cause she was there. Hmmm, sucks for him. But when Beach Boy and his cousin left the bar, he didn't want to go with. His car is at his house, but he is nowhere to be found. His dad is driving around looking for him and his coworkers were calling Beach Boy all looking for him. I'm not too worried cause he was totally drunk and could just still be passed out. But I'm a little worried because he was totally drunk and anything could have happened. I just hope he's ok.

My horoscope for the day according to msn:

A close friend or loved one might drop out of sight today, dear Cancer, and you may go into a panic when this person doesn't return your phone calls. Don't jump to conclusions. This person is preoccupied with matters that for the moment appear important, and will reach you in his or her own time. When you do finally touch base, some interesting news could come your way. Relax, get on about your business, and look forward to the call.

Smurf isn't exactly a loved one but that's still kind of strange.

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