Monday, September 22, 2003

Ok, now I care. 

I slept in...again. So I think it's time this little Kelly started saying no to friends and their crazy ideas of staying out until 2. Even tho I did have the most marvelous weekend.

Friday - Well, Friday I went to my parents. My mom and I hung out for a bit. I got cds made. It was just a quiet night. C and I left for P's town to visit her and stay the night at her mother's. We left around 10 and got there at 11 or so. It was a fun, fun time. Sort of like a road trip we used to take...only shorter.

Saturday - I got my hair cut! Well, trimmed. But it still is shorter. C and I were going to tend the bar for P's dad's wedding. We got to where we were going to be bartending rather early. We cleaned up and arranged a few things, but then just sat around, waiting for all the wedding guests to show up. When they did...wow. It was a lot of fun. I was making drinks like a mad woman. C and I were working really well together and only argued about a couple of things: Scotch not being the same as whiskey and some other stupid thing like that. We drove home after gathering a grand total of $26.10 in tips, on top of what the bride and groom gave us. Nice considering we weren't expecting to get paid. To be fair, $20 of the tips was from P's grandpa who was hitting on us all night. He was so cool.

Sunday - I went to a ball game. Brewer's baby! And we won. But the game was prolly the best part of the day. Otherwise... Ok, on Thursday for the concert, I was hanging out with the guys. I had a lot of fun. The talk of how hot lesbians and young girls are didn't bother me. Sunday, I was hanging out with the guys. It bothered me. Nothing they were talking about. But I guess I just have a sensitive and considerate nature and these guys (with the exception of M) don't. I almost got sick on the way there due to a mix of fast and scary driving plus b.o. I seriously was close to gagging. Two of the guys are pretty big boys. One of them is just smelly. And it was warmish. And we were squished together in the backseat. It was just not fun.

Tailgating. Hmm. Could have been better. They made me feel like a prissy girl because I wanted my food cooked. In the end, I only ate one brat while 6 brats and four burgers were consumed by others.

The game tho was fun to watch. Again, a problem with a strong odor being emitted by a few guys, but still, baseball is totally worth it. Sexson and Ginter hit back to back home runs. Miller Park was beautiful. I really want to go to more games now...next year.

Afterwards, we sat out in the parking lot. We witnessed a van hit the car next to us and then speed off. Not before we got plates tho. However, when the owners and the cop showed up, no one could remember except me and I had been really indifferent (they were all into being heros). So that got solved and we played some catch while more food cooked (again, I got one hot dog out of 10 hot dogs and 4 burgers). I beat J's ass playing catch with the baseball. So we quit after awhile. Then they broke out the football. I sat, drank a beer and watched a bit cause I've never really played. Eventually I had to give it a try. I guess I have a really good arm and can throw "qbq" (quarterback quality) spirals. So while I spent a lot of the day getting picked on for being a girl, I was better than most of them at both baseball and football. So there.

On the drive home, I spent the time (in the front seat with no smelly guys!) talking to one of the guys I didn't really know and playing with the xm radio. It's fun. I wish I could afford it. Ohh, he's going to make me some cds with some "chill" on it. Okie Dokie.

My sister called and I went over to her house. My parents, my exboss and an excoworker (Jairy Queen) were all there. I spent most of the time with Jairy catching up. We exchanged slaps, insults and numbers so I will see him again some time.

A couple of new people came over and damn (!) they were cute. I guess they work with my sister and her boyfriend. My sister is all about hooking me up with one of the guys. Of course, we all know how she likes to pimp me out, so ... umm ... nah. We smoked and I didn't get home until 1:30 am. Because of this, I slept in until 9:00.

My supervisor had a little talk with me because this is the third time (or more I dunno) this month. She had to make sure I wasn't out partying and not sleeping. I assured her it would not happen again and it was not caused by me going out and partying. I wouldn't do that. It's just my roommate is sick and was coughing and keeping me up.

P really is sick. She has strept throat. If I catch it from her, it means I will need to get my tonsils taken out. I've been threatened by my doctor. Please no.

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