Thursday, September 25, 2003

This is for my people, C'mon 

Hey everyone... long time no talk.. So heres the update on Levi-ness

I am in Wisconsin now until Mid-October. UGH, but I will live. at that point me and my newly purchased but not yet paid for 1990 Ford Tempo will be embarking on a journey to the land of Disney. Yes, my friends... FLORIDA. I have yet to establish this to be an early retirement or just a warm winter get-away from the rigors of a Manhattan lifestyle.. V Shell C. I am working with my dad right now.. once again as a mechanic. (We can't ALL be butch) in order to finance this latest cross-country move. Hopefully I will find happiness is the Sunshine State, lord knows The other 49 I've lived in didn't do shit for me. *heh* ((OMG.. HOT GUYS NEXT TO ME))
Life has been mundane since I got back from NY. I ALMOST got to see Keol, but she was too busy with her daily (bump and) grind to come see me. She was with Spatulla and one of his drones to see Evanesence. I know I have no reason to bitch. I could go see her, but I know she loves me as much as I love her and understands why I can't do it right now. Someday she'll realize B-Town = Death and get out of that town like I did.. but until she does I will keep blogging and calling and sending random emails about vaginas and dead birds and christmas card lightbulb orgies. I love the rest of my "Suckie Fuckie Crew", too. But Keol has and will always have a special place in my heart. That wierd undying love for someone you'll never fuck and isn't related to you. It must be a gay/chick thing. I've missed Cody, too. Not as strongly as Kelly. Probably cuz I thought Cody hated me in High School and I still have it in to nuke her farm and her little dog, too. (J/K) I just miss my girls. And I know I gave them enough fags to take care of them, but I still feel like an asshole for fucking up my life and not being in the picture because of a fear of the B-Town-Black-Hole. I just wish I would win the lottery so I could buy them everything they ever needed and take them with me on my journeys through the nation. Maybe someday I will get my wish. Cuz they are the people I am truest with and near. They know more about me than my own family and, in a sence, I have made them my family over my blood-relatives. I had better stop before I cry to lose a lung to cancer. I just will end this with I miss My KellyX2 and my Cody and I hope I see you all real real soon.

With Love.... Levi

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