Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween 

Oh my gosh, I completely forgot to tell y'all. P got a job! A real job where she gets paid to work. Or not work...depending on the day. She's a lifeguard. Again. She wanted to get away from that, so she's still applying to different places. But she has a job!!!

My sister's boyfriend DID pick me up for lunch yesterday. McDonald's. I'm so sick of McDonald's. Lately for lunch I've been getting a cheeseburger and a fruit and yogurt parfait. Then we went again yesterday. I'm sick of it.

We made plans to go to Mad. I got off work and went over there. My sister didn't really want to go so we played Burgertime and smoked instead. Interesting.

C called and said something about a free play. Free? Play? I was so in! So I went over the campus and found her. We got to play hack for a little bit...that was so much fun. I miss hacking. (hackey sack, which sounds totally lame when you say the whole phrase).

We watched The Importance of Being Ernest. Ummm...some of it was funny, but the director was behind us and he was totally cracking up. Like it was the loudest thing in that room. It kept distracting me. And the name Ernest is not my favorite name...it doesn't cause "vibrations" in me. Otherwise it was pretty good.

I went back over to my sister's after the play. We watched an old Jet Li movie. It was cute! I got to see little six year olds kicking each others ass. Wait a tick...

I really wish I hadn't promised JQ that I would go to his party on Saturday. I really want to see this.

Oh well. Have a slacker day at work if you're stuck there like me or have a great day without work. Be safe.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Thinking about Sleep 

seems to be taking up a lot of my time. I hope this will end soon.

I worked oh so hard yesterday and went to my parents afterwards. P was already there, I gave her the gift that had arrived a day late (The Full Monty Dvd) and we watched tv. Lovely tv. My parents also fed us. Yum.

We went home around 7. We got ready for bed, laid on the couch, took a half of sleeping pill each and watched Empire Strikes Back. Well...we watched the beginning. Then we passed out on the couch. Around 9:30 we went to our rooms and slept. I woke up around 4:30 a couple of times, but made myself go back to sleep.

I woke up feeling just fine.

When I got to work, I remembered a conversation that I wasn't sure if it really happened or not. I was talking on the phone with my sister's boyfriend and him saying that he was going to pick me up for lunch today. I checked the received call list on my phone and he did call. I wonder if anything I said made sense. I'll have to ask him.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

2 hours of sleep 

isn't going to get me very far. I'm so ready to just curl up under my desk and take a nap. Last night was entirely too long. P and I got all dressed up and went to Mad. We hung out at Joey's before we went to the club. Crusty Monkey was there, but he was totally passed out and Joey was sick drunk. Clay wasn't there, but Too-Tall Matt showed up! I love this boy! I can't wait until he's famous.

The club was boring. We got there late, just in time for the drag show. Umm, goody. If you've seen these ladies once, you've seen them a million times. When the music finally started, it sucked. I got in with an id that said I was 21...yeah, too bad I knew the bartender. I could have gotten banned from the club, but he just made me go on the other side, which was nice but...sucky. P got a free drink because it was her birthday and she took forever. I was bored off my ass and ready to go 15 minutes after we got there. Add stupid drama because of drunk bitches talking shit and that's my night.

I saw random objects in the road last night. Dunno why. Saw them as in they weren't really there. Hmm.

At Perkins, P and I got called all sorts of things. We were still in costume. Oh yeah...P was a go go dancer. She had a bright green dress with white boot covers, a purple/silvery wig, a white hat, a white feather boa and an orange see-thru purse. Ohh and beautiful purple fake eyelashes. I had a black skirt, a black/silvery shiny tank top with a black tank top underneath folded up a bit. Oh and I had black and silver lashes. Occasionally, I had a black boa and a tiara. Or my wings. I almost went as Joan Kusack from In & Out.

JC was there and he kept putting his arm around me. I didn't mind because I was cold, but sheesh, you've got a girl buddy. Plus aren't you like friends with Grover? Isn't that against some kind of code or something?

E was there. He and Hydee were speaking. She's dumb. I was starting to like her more (as in not hate her like previously) and was possibly going to give her a call, but not anymore (I wasn't going to call anyway).

Tonight....sleepy time!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The celebration started a little early 

Last night, Toast, P, the Russian and I went to see Scary Movie 3. Ok, I didn't like the first one, I liked the second one and I was really indifferent to the third one. There were funny parts, but mostly I felt like I should be laughing and just didn't.

Afterwards, it was drinky time. Dr. Pepper and Bacardi. Oh well, it was ok. We played circle of death or something. The crazy Russian showed us how to play. It was pretty crazy. We had a good time tho I think. I had fun and got pretty buzzed. I did a stupid thing and smoke cigarettes but hopefully I won't again.

Levi called. Too bad I was all stupid in the head. He and Toast had a nice long talk tho.

Tonight is costume night at the club and P wants to go. I can't argue with her, it's her birthday. Please, please, please let it be good. And please, please, please let me be able to get a hold of D so I can borrow her dress.

Happy Birthday Kelly. You are super.

Monday, October 27, 2003

P's birthday is tomorrow. She's going to be 22. That lucky little...anyway. I really hope her birthday is better than the other birthdays in the group this year. Too much depression and sadness has happened. Don't believe me? Go check out the archive for June 18th, 2003 - two days after C's birthday and it will tell you what happened on her birthday. And mine? Well, I just remember Shawn and me hugging and crying. So please, please let P's birthday be better.


Jet is actually a black ock from Russia that is supposed to "dispel fearful thoughts and can be used to protect the wearer against illness and violence." I have it on top of my computer.

So I watched some kickass Anime, Hellsing, on Friday at the shop. "The shop" being the local hangout for all the gamers. I know quite a few people there, but rarely go. Gaming is not my thing and they always try to get to me to LARP (live action role play). Not happening. But Hellsing was coo (coo is very different from deec).

I went to a corn maze this weekend. It was cool as hell. Grover, Steph, D, JQ and I went. Well, there were a few other people, but they left early. Less fun for them. Cause it was a blast! We worked together at first, but eventually Grover and I quit following JQ and D (everyone else was somewhere entirely different) and we found the bridge in the middle of the maze first. Yay for us! But then we went back in and found JQ and D. Took them back to the bridge. And then we all went back in for Steph who was lost on her own when everyone else left. Not cool. But it was a really great time.

Last night, C, P, Grover, KJ and myself watched a really great movie, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not. Seriously, this movie was the best! It's in French, so you have to read subtitles, but if you don't mind those, watch this movie. It's great.

So after everyone left, Grover and I sat talking for awhile. Quite a while. He left around 1. He called about 5 minutes after leaving and asked if he "would have a shot" at me. I guess we'll see.

Friday, October 24, 2003

I want to see this movie.

It feels like Monday 

Which I know is evil to say when it is, in fact, Friday. Get over it.

So I finally saw 28 Days Later on Wednesday when Grover brought it over. Why didn't people like it? I thought it was pretty good. Ok, the part where they have a happy picnic in the middle of the movie was kind of weird, but the characters needed a break from the running, screaming, beating zombie scum to death. I was ok with giving them a little time off.

Wednesday I stayed the night at my parent's. My sister and I slept in the basement and has a nice talk about pot, porn stores and other randomness. It was a lot of fun. My sister is the coolest and I really can talk to her about anything. In retrospect, we should have just shut up and went to sleep because we only got 2 hours of sleep.

My sister, my father and myself went hunting yesterday. It was easier and a lot more fun with my sister. However, my dad really can get impatient and I hate that. Hunting is his passion. Hunting is not my passion. In fact, the only reason I go is because it makes him happy. So while there was a little tension in the middle of the good times, it ended on a happier note.

I was dead tired after being up from 2:00 am until 1:30 pm when I finally got home, so I passed right out. I didn't wake up until P and Shawn came in rather loudly at 5:30. This annoyed me, but was prolly a good thing. After they left, I called C and made plans for watching Star Wars later that evening. Then I got to read!!! For a couple of hours! D called eventually and I talked to her for quite awhile. Eventually C came over and we watched Episode 4 (the only one I've seen) and pigged out on pizza.

I was happily asleep at 11:30. So when P and Shawn came in my room at 1:30 and jumped on me, I was not so happy. I don't care if Shawn wanted me to meet his boyfriend, I was going to meet him on Saturday. All that his boyfriend would see is me at my worst and not in a very good mood. Sleep at the moment was much more important to me.

Poor Grover. Yesterday while I was sitting out in the middle of the nasty marsh mud that is the Grand River Marsh, he was in surgery. I guess his broken arm didn't set right so they have to put pins in. This is way not cool. It reminds me of E. I hate E. I wish I could just avoid seeing Grover until he gets them taken out. Not really tho.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


I was fine. Driving home, minding my own business when suddenly an icy hand grips my heart and I realize I didn't check the backseat before I got in the car. Something done from habit, formed before I had my license. This time there would be someone there. Too afraid to look, I could just feel the mysterious shadow back there moving around quietly, trying to get into a better position to attack. The air was thick and I could hardly breath. I fought hard with panic, pushing it down before it became unreasonable. Finally I got up the nerve to turn around and look. There was nothing there.

When I got home, I grabbed my stuff and walked to the door in no hurry. I made myself stop at the mailbox inside the building and get the mail. To prove I still had control. When I walked into my apartment, I looked around for P. She wasn't there. I ran a bath and relaxed. The neighbor was running water too. Suddenly I could hear voices. Assuming P was watching a movie, I called out and wondered why she didn't answer. I wondered if I was hearing the noises in my head. I decided I didn't know and would find out eventually anyway. The neighbor turned off the water and the voices stopped.

I looked over at the wall and saw a spider. I managed to stay calm. But I emptied the bath and ran a shower, the whole time never taking my eyes off it. I got a little cocky and turned my back on it a couple of time. Then one time I turned to check on it and it was gone. Feeling it creep down my back and at the same time, crawl up my leg, I turned circles under the water trying to loose it.

Finishing up my shower, I head to my bedroom and get dressed quickly. Returning to the bathroom, I brush my hair, teeth and floss, ignoring the shadows in the mirror. All I can think about is how much I want to pass out and not have to doubt my sanity tonight. Stop the world and let me get off. I finally get into bed. No longer letting anything in the environment enter my thoughts and just have inner monologue. I fall asleep rather quickly and don't wake up until morning.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

So I was like, that's deec 

Deec as in decent. I hate that pathetic excuse for slang.

Anyway, last night I met C at the local University of Wisconsin. There was a room filled with artwork by a local artist. Pretty stuff. Too bad the door was lock and I had to peek through the window.

P, C and I all went over to C's and ate dinner. Huge bowls of soup and the most wonderful bread in the world. It was good.

We went to a movie last night in the historic theater in town. Apparently a Cuban Film maker is in town for awhile and he hosted this movie. Cinema Paradiso. It was a pretty good movie. I loved the little kid in the beginning. However, I didn't cry (like I was told I would) and I cry at everything. Then again, the three of us can't resist making fun of a movie just a little bit. We did really great for a while...But then just after the second hour mark, we fell in the fits of laughter when a certain line that wasn't really that funny, suddenly became hilarious.

Monday, October 20, 2003

I hurt 

I know I say this a lot, but this weekend was so very, very long. Which is a good thing, but strange how that happens.

Friday - I hung out with P and watched Batman Forever. Then C, P and myself went to Perkins, time passed rather uneventfully and I went home.

Saturday - My dad called at 10 and asked if I wanted to go bike riding. I didn't, but ended up going anyway along with my father, mother and uncle. 17 miles. That's a lot considering I haven't been bike riding since last summer. We got to ride through two old train tunnels. The longest one was 3/4 of a mile and you had to walk your bike because it was so dark. Not to mention cold, wet and pretty.

When we finished with that I went home and took a shower. McGruff showed up with poetry and a short story beginning for me to read. It was ok. Not the bestest stuff ever, but I was impressed with the different styles he had used.

Grover came over and we watched a movie. Then we sat talking about some dreams we had. Wow, I had a cool one.

I was over at KJ's house and C and P were there too. We were just hanging out doing whatever when suddenly Death shows up. Apparently, he and KJ are friends from "way back". KJ decides he's going to teach us a card game. C and P were in the kitchen or something and needed help so KJ went to help them. While he was gone Death tried to cheat! So I tried to stop him, but come on, it's Death. He didn't like me for that. Eventually we became friends because we were total smartasses to each other. Then I woke up.

That's the second dream I've had about Death that I can remember. Strange huh?

After talking with Grover, I went back over to my parents and fell asleep. My dad woke me up at 2:30am, I got dressed and we left to go Goose Hunting. It was hard! Paddling a canoe thru a mile of mud isn't my idea of fun. It sucked. I was grumpy and tired and sore from bike riding. Once we got out to the spot it wasn't so bad. The sun came up two hours after we got out there and started to warm up the place about three hours after we got there. I didn't shoot a thing. All the birds were either too high or would break left or right. Oh well. Then the nice paddle back to shore.

Ugh. The Grand Marsh Reservoir is sick! Everything in it is dead and rotting. Including a goose body we saw. It was so disgusting. I'm really glad I didn't see how gross everything was until we were leaving. Seriously, it was nasty.

I went over to D's yesterday and saw an awesome movie, Spirited Away. I loved it soooo much.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Good news and Bad news 

Hey guess what! I booked my flight to Orange County yesterday. That's right. I'm going to California! We're flying out of Chicago (I don't really know how I'm getting there yet) and arriving in LA. We're going to be picked up by the limo and taken to the Hilton Costa Mesa. We're going to stay in some suite or another. I forget.

Yesterday, I realized that I needed to go to the dentist. So I called the office and made an appointment for that same day. After work, I buzzed over there and had my teeth cleaned. I also found out that it's going to cost me a lot of money for all the work I need to have done. $1079 to be exact. Quick ask me why it's so much. Because two cavities that need to be filled are close to the front of my mouth (not really, but sort of), So when I smile you might be able to see silver if I had the normal stuff put in there. I don't want that, I want the white so my teeth look normal. It costs $190 per cavity and insurance won't cover it. It's "cosmetic". My actual thought while driving home was "I hope I get into a car accident and die so I don't have to pay".

So I spent last night alternating between really happy about vacation and crying my little heart out because I have to take out a small loan to pay the dentist.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

I'm a little bitter today. I was supposed to go hunting with my cousin, sister and daddy. However, my supervisor who I am working on a project with had to go to MN for publication. So I have to be here to answer questions that I don't know the answer to. My sister called me while I was on my way to work and said they were already leaving cause both my cousin and my sister got their two for the day (my dad didn't get permits for the area they went to).

Hey I might be going to Orange County. One of my friends is going and wants me to go with. So I'm waiting for his sorry ass to call and tell me where and when and how to book my ticket. It'll be great. I was nervous about it before, cause I've had friends flake out on me before, but he said he's already booked his flight, limo and hotel. Yeah, I said limo.

Seriously tho. Traveling alone scares the hell out of me. Especially if we're on different flights. Dude, airports make me nervous...even if I'm not flying anywhere. Even typing about it right now is making my stomach queasy. Which is strange because if I had the money to do anything, I would travel. I just haven't practiced.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

My mother always told me 

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

With that I'll take my leave.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

this is hillarious.

Please don't think any less of me 

But I'm listening to "What dreams are made of" as sung by Hillary Duff. And I'm LOVIN' IT!

It also makes me think of fun times after the club, dancing in the parking lot with Levi's pimp geo pumping out the tunes.

I miss that.

Monday, October 13, 2003

Do the weekends keep getting longer? 

Friday - I had a plan. I wanted to see the plan happen. It did. P, C, Em, Grover and I went to a place I haven't been in three years. It's a place in nature and the best place to be on a warm October night when then moon is full. Basically it's a cliff overlooking the Wisconsin River and the surrounding area. Maybe when I go again I'll take pictures.

Saturday - I spent the day doing nothing. Well, I went to the Faire on the Square with my parent's and then did laundry and was lazy. C and I tried to go for a walk, but rain and wind stopped us. Instead we went and played hack at Perkin's with Grover, JC SUPERSTAR! and KJ. Good times. C and I left at 3:30, C went home and Grover came over. We just watched Southpark and passed out. Pity.

Sunday - I got up at 12 and Grover had already been awake for an hour. We sat and talked. I found out some stuff about him, he found out some stuff about me. It was fun. He left and P showed up within 20 mins.

KJ came over and brought much entertainment including Family Guy Season 1 & 2 on dvd and three Monty Python's Flying Circus dvds.

I got sick of sitting around so when C called to ask me if I wanted to walk, I agreed. I miss our walks. The one last night seemed so short, but it was the route we normally take. Well, normally used to. It's been awhile since we've walked.

When I got home, P was in bed but I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie...and she did! We put in the Crying Game...ummm. No one told me what it was about. My boss just said it was one of his favorite movies. What's funny is I had asked P when we first saw Dil about what is revealed later on.

I feel asleep listening to tapes C and I made of us talking really really late one night. We are silly people.

I woke up twenty minutes later when my sister called crying. Pearl Harbor had started it and then it was just the realization that her life isn't what she wants it to be kept it going. So she talked and I listened. An hour later I was awake and she was ready for bed. I ended up staying awake until 1:30 and then not really being able to get to sleep after that.

Friday, October 10, 2003

I'm shallow 

So last night I went shopping after work with P, Shawn, my sister and her boyfriend. Shawn, the boyfriend and myself smoked before we left. When Shawn and I walked outside this little girl, cute as a button rides her little white, pink and purple big wheel up to me and says "Hi!" I smile and wave. Again she says "Hi". I smile and say "Hi." Again she says "hi". Wondering if she's deaf and blind I smile and say "Hello". Again she says "Hi" Just a little creeped out I run over to Shawn and whisper "She knows!"

Shopping was fun. I spent a lot a lot of money. A lot. But I got new shoes, a new jacket and some new jewelry. YAY!

Grover called while we were on our way back from Mad and asked if we were going out that night. I said we were after a huge discussion with P. It was silly how long it took.

Anyway, P and I went out to Perkins. M was already there so we sat with him. I don't know what all was said but it's a good time with M. Grover showed up sporting a nice orange cast on his newly broken arm. Then the silly guy whipped out the markers. Everyone had a laugh that the red one was the first that came out of his pocket. As far as signing it goes, we had to keep it G-rated because he tutors kids, so we wrote fun stuff on it like: Oh Mr. Grey!, I knew I should have used my strong hand, and I'm your secretary! P and I were going to do a Gay Pride flag, but while we were trying to get Grover to hold still, M grabbed the markers.

Thursday, October 09, 2003


I played two of the greatest games ever last night. Burgertime and Cabal. Oh yeah.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Last night I was to play middleman again. I do not find a problem with this as long as I know both parties involved. Which I did. So after arranging everything, the party who had requested product said they were no longer in need of anything except a ride. I wanted to say "Fuck you if you think I'm here to give you a ride. You just made me look unreliable" But instead, I said I was busy and would call them later. Then I never called and didn't answer the phone.

It wasn't just that they cancled. They also wanted me to drive them to a place unknown to me. And these guys are a little dirty. I wasn't about that.

As far as looking bad for the more important people...I had the money and then could either keep it or part with it. It's the principle of the thing tho. I did the guys a favor on their request and then they changed their mind. Not cool.

Good news tho, Grover called. Granted it was at 10:30 last night, but I was awake. We talked for an hour or so. This weekend we're going to go to a haunted house.

Shawn stayed the night last night. It was cool to see him and hang out with him again, but I can't help but feel one of the only reasons we're hanging out is because he decided that he was right and his other friends were wrong about a situation and he doesn't think he should appologize. It all seems kind of fake right now.

P didn't come home last night. Or the night before. I don't know where she is. I'm guessing she stayed at Stone's...but I really have no idea. I do know she is at least alive, cause she picked up her clothes from my parent's and dropped them off at home.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I want to move 

to Canada

Last night I watched Bowling for Columbine. When I still lived in Colorado, I visited Littleton a couple of times. My uncle lived there and my school went to some competitions there for band. It was really strange to watch the footage of when the guys were shooting the place up and think "I sat right over there."

regarding Gun Control...I own two guns. I have a Remington 870 and a Ruger 10/22. I'm not about to tell anyone they can't have a gun. I just think it should be harder to purchase them (don't ask me how) and I definitely think it should be harder to get ammunition.

About the media...I don't watch the news, I read the paper once in awhile, I don't like the fear and frenzy and bs that covers up all the stories. This may mean I'm uninformed, but I'm also not too upset about that. I hate reality shows. COPS, Wildest Police Videos and bs shows like that have never been my favorite. In fact, I used to yell at anyone in my house who watched that crap.

President Bush is the commander and thief. I'm excited that this election I'll finally be old enough to vote. I just wish we could get a different party than democraps and repubicans in the office.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Hi. Just a little note, ya know . . . It's been awhile since we talked, so yeah. I now have my car on campus and drove in Springs. Imagine me, driving in the city. Mindblowing. lol Cylypso moved back in, although Edwina didn't come, and the song, "that's why God made mexico," is awful. I have class at six tonight, and then work at eight, and I miss you. I'll send you an application--transfer here? I would love it. :D Catch ya later.

I just bought underwear from my exboyfriend's dad and didn't even know it was him.

Mystery Flavor 

Friday - After work, I went home and packed. The drive to Packer City was really, really long. Three hours I think it what we're saying. We met Beppo at Perkins and sat there for a bit. We got to meet his girlfriend. Hmmm... more on that later. After Perkins we went to his house and started drinking. Two of his friends came over and while one was really cute, the other was really nice. C, P, Beppo and myself played Asshole and they watched. But then we all just started talking and hanging out. I got to call random strangers on their cell phones and talk to them. That was a lot of fun. Until some of the strangers came over. Then it was us three girls and about 7 guys. My, my, my. Not so much fun after awhile. Eventually the guys all left and I curled up on the floor next to the bathroom. I HATE Blue UV. But the wop was made with cherry uv. I thought it might be alright (it prolly would have if I hadn't started losing at quarters and made to drink Natural Ice). Beppo took care of me tho.

Saturday - I was not feeling well. I woke up on and off from P talking to me. I finally stayed awake at 12 or something. Beppo came downstairs and put in Clerks. It took me quite awhile but eventually I took a shower. So where did everyone want to eat? China Buffet. Icky. Normally I like it, but not when I'm hungover. More hungover than I've ever been in my life. We ate and went to the bookstore. Then we went back to Beppo's. Movies, movies and more movies. That night P, C and myself hung out with Beppo's roommates and watched 4 movies while he sat in the kitchen with some of his friends and drank some more.

Ohhhh Beppo's girlfriend does not like me. First off, she completely ignored us. She talked about us when they were outside smoking. She was really jealous of me and even told P that she didn't like it that I called Beppo. Whatever. I'm kinda sad about that. I loved his last girlfriend. She rocked, we still talk on occasion. But this girl...I don't know. Beppo was downstairs chillin' and I went down to take my contacts out saw him there and got to talk to him for maybe two minutes, but then down came his girlfriend. I found out later that her friend warned her that I was downstairs alone with him so she had to come check it out.

Sunday - We spent the day inside. I was awake before anyone (I was the only one who didn't drink the night before) and read for a bit. That was nice. We watched more movies (AHHH!) and C, P and I left around 4. silly us. The Packers had just finished a game and traffic was horrible. We still got home in three hours tho...I'm talented.

When we got home, I called Grover. Umm, the poor kid broke his wrist at drill. The dangers of the monkey bars.

P and I hung out for awhile. I ended up crying and laughing at the same time, totally overwhelmed by both amazement of life and disappointment of life. That was pretty crazy. After which, we, of course, went to Perkin's.

Friday, October 03, 2003


I can't stop saying "howdy". Seriously, it's like my mind forgot the natural reaction when someone greets you is "hello." It gets really old and kind of embarassing. I mean, I'm not a cowboy so why speak like one?

Ok, on my way to Mad the other day, Grover called. He said he wanted to meet me somewhere to talk. My entire body just froze when he said that. Well, I couldn't so he said he would just talk to me later. I will forever have low self esteem, so my first thought was that he was going to tell me that he didn't want to hang out with me anymore. I told P about it and she's just convinced that he's going to ask me out. I just don't know and was expecting him to call last night, but he didn't.

Last night, I went and saw the same band I've been going to see. I really enjoy their shows. This time it was at the local UW campus. I saw some people I knew and haven't seen in forever so that was cool. I also froze my butt off and ran around on the soccer field to warm up.

Afterwards, C and P went to Kitchen in town and I went to my parent's for laundry. I was supposed to go to Kitchen, but ended up watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy instead. It's the first time I've seen that show... nothing too surprising for me. I have my own swarm of guys who help me whenever I need it. My boiz are just more bitchy.

I went home and took a shower. When I got out, Stone and P were there. They talked to me for awhile and Stone handed me his one hitter. Nice. So P and I smoked while Stone took a shower. Too bad I had my guitar in there...cause when Stone came in, he tried to tune it and well...it didn't work. It sounds horrible. I'm actually a little scared. We also watched Rack, Shack & Benny. I think that scared Stone.

Off to Packer City tonight! OH YEAH!

PS In case you ever wondered if old Pop Rocks were still good...they're not.

Thursday, October 02, 2003


So I get paid today. Not a momentous occasion on it's own (by that I mean it is an extremely momentous occasion because it means I have money) but yippee skippee! I don't have to pay bills with this check. Ok, that's a lie too. I have to pay my phone bill. But I would much rather pay that then my car payment or rent. So what to do with all this extra money? There are so many things that I can think of.

Ideas that I immediately think of: Clothes, cds, movies for me. I really, really need the clothes but the other stuff I can do without.

Secondary ideas: A guitar, more clothes, save it for Christmas gifts. I'm using my sister's guitar and she mentioned last night that she misses it. I really, really need clothes. And Christmas...hmmm. I hate that I'm already thinking about it...but it would be so much easier if I went shopping now. However...what in the world am I to get people? I'm such a clueless shopper.

Last night I went to Mad and saw a couple of my boiz. Too-Tall is moving to Cali in December to model for Gap. I'm glad he's back on the runway, however I'm going to miss him. A lot. I miss all my boiz and they only live in Madtown. I think I need to drive down and visit them more often. Or they need to come see me.

PS Just in case you wondered...I miss Levi.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Match Point 

So...yesterday at work just made me so tired. I don't know what it is lately, but when I get done with work, all I want to do is curl up in my sock drawer and sleep for days. Instead, I went to my guitar lesson like a good girl. Then I slept.

Unfortunately it was only for an hour, when P and C got there. Oh well. I got up and hung out with them. Grover showed up and brought us pictures from jumping in the lake. We all sat around talking for awhile and then I whipped out the xbox. No one wanted to play with me, so they all watched and provided commentary. It was fun.

As Grover was walking out, he turns and says "here, because J will probably never find it and give it back." and he hands me a bag. I look inside and there is a Nightmare Before Christmas Hat. Why? Well...

Long, long ago...when I was going out with J, I let him borrow one of my hats that had Jack Skellington on it. It was one of my favorite hats in the world. We broke up, I never saw it again. I still see J and bother him for it often, but he doesn't know where it is. It's kind of a joke our immediate circle of friends (is this where I say Grover is one of J's friends?) J claims that he won't give it back because I still have a sweartshirt of his, which I don't. I gave it to St. Vinnie’s.

Beppo called last night. He wanted to make sure we were coming to visit him this weekend. P and I are for sure. C...maybe. She has a job interview. I hope she gets it. I'm not positive what 'it' is but...still. Anyway, Friday I will be driving to Packer City. I hate driving. Especially when I don't know where I'm going or if I'm in the city. Oh, I get to do both.

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