Tuesday, October 28, 2003

The celebration started a little early 

Last night, Toast, P, the Russian and I went to see Scary Movie 3. Ok, I didn't like the first one, I liked the second one and I was really indifferent to the third one. There were funny parts, but mostly I felt like I should be laughing and just didn't.

Afterwards, it was drinky time. Dr. Pepper and Bacardi. Oh well, it was ok. We played circle of death or something. The crazy Russian showed us how to play. It was pretty crazy. We had a good time tho I think. I had fun and got pretty buzzed. I did a stupid thing and smoke cigarettes but hopefully I won't again.

Levi called. Too bad I was all stupid in the head. He and Toast had a nice long talk tho.

Tonight is costume night at the club and P wants to go. I can't argue with her, it's her birthday. Please, please, please let it be good. And please, please, please let me be able to get a hold of D so I can borrow her dress.

Happy Birthday Kelly. You are super.

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