Tuesday, October 21, 2003

So I was like, that's deec 

Deec as in decent. I hate that pathetic excuse for slang.

Anyway, last night I met C at the local University of Wisconsin. There was a room filled with artwork by a local artist. Pretty stuff. Too bad the door was lock and I had to peek through the window.

P, C and I all went over to C's and ate dinner. Huge bowls of soup and the most wonderful bread in the world. It was good.

We went to a movie last night in the historic theater in town. Apparently a Cuban Film maker is in town for awhile and he hosted this movie. Cinema Paradiso. It was a pretty good movie. I loved the little kid in the beginning. However, I didn't cry (like I was told I would) and I cry at everything. Then again, the three of us can't resist making fun of a movie just a little bit. We did really great for a while...But then just after the second hour mark, we fell in the fits of laughter when a certain line that wasn't really that funny, suddenly became hilarious.

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