Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Getting Nervous 

Ok, so I leave tomorrow. TOMORROW. And it hasn't totally sunk in yet. Well, not that I'm really going. I keep imagining the worst things that could happen. Being robbed, beat up, raped, killed, etc. Anything could happen. And I imagine the bad things too about going to the clubs and looking not so good and just not fitting in or anything. Of course I have to deal with my travel partner and whatever/whoever he wants to hang out with too. Oy. I keep thinking of things I could possibly do if my travelbuddy leaves me somewhere or we fight. So far...I got nothin. Anyone in LA or somewhere around there want to be my backup plan?

Anyway. The movie last night was pretty good. It was really cool to talk to the film maker from Cuba that was there (it wasn't his film, but they're showing his next week). Oh yeah it was called Strawberries & Chocolate.

Ugh, grammar. I know it. I just don't think about it when I'm writing. Someone please tell me if I fuck up.

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