Tuesday, November 11, 2003

miss independent? 

Not so much.

Last night was a chill out night. P and I watched Gummo and the beginning of I'm the One that I Want. I pass no judgement on Gummo. I'm still wondering about that movie. Poor kitties.

We went to Pekins for a bit, but that wasn't exciting at all.

So lately I've been trying to not get excited about anything. Because as soon as I do, something happens and then there is nothing to get excited about. Everything gets fucked up if I plan it or am looking forward to it. So why even try?

I do this every once in awhile. And what happens is whatever I should be excited about actually works out...but I'm not excited about it. IT SUCKS! So I'm kind of at a stand still.

Lion, my friend from CO who is moving in with my parents, was supposed to show up last night...but he didn't. Figures. His bus was delayed and he decided to hitchhike. He can never do things the simple way.

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