Thursday, November 13, 2003

So. Sleepy. 

There is nothing I would like more than to just pass right the fuck out just at this very moment.

Pardon my language.

Hey, my apartment is clean! It took two hours, but it's clean-ish. I will be finishing the cleaning tonight. Boo!

P and I went over to D's new apartment. That was in the ghetto. Well, the ghetto of this town. It's still pretty bad. We watched Spirited Away with her downstairs roommate and Toast was there too. While we were sitting there, the new girl's baby started to cry so we would stop the movie and watch songs from Chicago. Well, one time (it happened three times) Toast is just laughing. But not a good laugh. A This-is-so-ironic-I-could-just-DIE kind of laugh. So I ask what? And he quietly tells me that five minutes before we picked him up, he found out he's going to be a father. Wha??? Of course I about died laughing, cause really, the irony of the situation was just too great.

After the movie, we went back to my apartment (p, toast and myself). P and I were just going to go to bed, but instead my sister's boyfriend called. He said that my sister wanted to come over and watch a movie. He decided to come too after I invited them all over. Stupid me.

P still tried going to bed, but we were loud. Not on purpose. In fact, we tried to keep quiet, but it just didn't work. There was a time I was sitting in my room with my sister and looking at pictures, I was laughing so hard I was snorting and tears came to my eyes. It was seriously the most I have ever laughed.

So you might be thinking "her sister's boyfriend? Wasn't he just carrying a gun around and calling people whores?" And the answer would be yes. But that's just the way it works with him. He'll freak out and then it's usually out of his system. I think my sister just threatened to leave him, but whatever... it worked and will work. It's like an abusive relationship without the abuse (physically). He sounded like he meant it completely last night tho and is ok with her seeing and hanging out with Lion. She's not going to leave him anyway so might as well take what she can get.

I finally got to bed at 2. Toast passed out on the couch and everyone else left. My sister and I didn't get to watch the movie, but hopefully tonight. And I promised myself to stay sober.

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