Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Sometimes I just want to kick my boss 

Oh my gosh. He has two things going against him today. The fact that he wants everything done yesterday and that he brought in chocolate covered oreos. The oreos would be wonderful if he ate some, but he can't because of the Atkins thing. He brings them in to have everyone else eat them and gain weight. He's sick like that sometimes.

Ok, I'm usually fine and energetic on Mondays but Tuesdays kick my ass. All I want to do after work is sleep or just sit somewhere not having to do anything. But it's also the night of my guitar lesson. So I end up doing stuff anyway and not recovering at all. Last night was no exception.

I was supposed to take Lion to the club last night. I was totally dragging ass when I got to my parent's so they told me not to go. Lion said he wouldn't mind too much if we didn't go, so I decided not to go. He still wanted to go out tho so I offered to take him to the bar where P and one of her friends were supposed to be at. The whole way there is seems like he made "jokes" about how he really wanted to go to the club and it's my fault that he's not going. I was starting to get pissed and told him flat out that it can't be like that. He said he was ok with not going and if he wasn't he should have said so, but since he didn't, I wasn't going to listen to that. Uh, he still did it throughout the night and I was very short tempered everytime he did.

Anyway, the bar that P was supposed to be at was closed, SteveO called right when we got there and met us at another bar P might be at. They ended up hanging out at my house with me.

SteveO and I smoked, Lion and SteveO drank. Some truths came out from Lion. Some reasons why he was up here, some truths about what he's really been doing. Hmm, I don't know about that.

I'm getting my ass kicked at work so ... lates

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