Thursday, December 04, 2003


Tuesday, my stomach would flip over whenever I thought about him. And I thought about him a lot. This is what I got for lunch from Walmart because of it: chicken and stars in a sippy, wheat thins, sprite and pepto bismol. I couldn’t wait for him to call when I was done with work.

I left early (at 4) to sleep a little bit. But P woke me up at 6:30 anyway. I hung out while she showered and all that jazz. We went over to the guys' condo and hung out. They had been drinking and Pelot started drinking too. I sipped on captain and coke, but with very little captain. I caught a little buzz but not until these three other girls showed up. We all hung out for a bit. Everyone was playing Asshole except Vin and myself. The cops showed up once warning people to be quiet. Then they showed up again. The girls and myself went out on the deck, but a cop came out there. Luckily I was standing behind the door so he didn’t see me. I stood outside and froze until they left.

Vin was drunk and pissed off then. He had already gotten a couple of tickets for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace I think for fighting with his friend in a hotel hallway. I called my sister and asked her if I could use her name, and her and her boyfriend offered to come get me. It was cool as hell. We went back to my house and smoked a bowl. They all sat talking stories and whatnot so I went and laid in bed with my sister. A couple of minutes after that she and her boyfriend left.

Vin was having issues breathing. He has asthma and couldn’t find his inhaler for a long time. He looked everywhere. But eventually he found it. And soon enough (ok, like 4:30) I fell asleep. Then at 6 a horrible thing happens. The fire alarm goes off and there is smoke everywhere. I can’t even describe my thoughts. I ran out into the kitchen/living room. On my stove, there was a baking pan and a spatula on top of it that had melted and was now on fire. It was the worse smelling thing… I blew it out, but it ignited again. Vin poured a little water on it, I moved it off a hot burner and he turned the hot burner off. The fire alarm was still beeping so we tried to shut it up…now I have to figure out how to reattach it. The smoke was awful. I had to go outside and freeze for a bit, it was so terrible. We opened a lot of the windows and turned off the heat so it wasn’t on all night long trying to warm the place up and it wouldn’t be able to. Most of the smoke was cleared out, but jeeze. I left the windows open this morning too. It's freezing.

He was still having issues breathing. So sleep wasn’t great. I called into work and said I wasn’t going to be there on time exactly and might not even come in.

I got up and showered. He laid in bed. We snuggled a bit. That was nice. Once I was already to go to work, he put his shirt on and we took off. I did some running around and then dropped him off at his condo and said goodbye. I gave him my number and address. Hopefully he’ll write or call or something. I think he will, but guys are strange. Just when I think I know what’s going on… I don’t. So we’ll see.

He was so great. He understood me, he was funny, he was cute, he compliment the hell out of me.

Drawback: He already said I love you.

I thought when my ex started saying it a week after we were together it was too soon. Last night we had known each other two days and he was saying it. A lot. It didn’t bother me too much. I just didn’t take him too seriously.

But this guy was great. He loves cartoons and has a tattoo of Jack Skellington on his arm. He doesn’t care what people think about him. He’s just a great guy and I really enjoyed being with him. I felt like we had been together forever. Like it was always this way, that’s how comfortable I was with him. And I know a lot about him. His birthday, his full name, where he was born and raised. I know he was adopted and now doesn't get along with his parents.

This was one of the strangest semi-quasi relationships I've ever been in. I seriously hope he calls or writes. I think he will but...

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