Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Embarrassing TV 

So I was doing laundry last night at my parent's house. They were gone, so I watched TV to amuse myself. Now I don't have cable, I only get to see tv on occasion and rarely during the week. So tell me, are Nick and Jessica for real? I've heard about Newlyweds but last night was the first I've actually seen. I saw the infamous buffalo wing part and Nick can be a selfish bast'd and Jessica is totally a spoiled brat sometimes. It was quite amusing. I kept switching between that and The Horse Whisperer. I missed the part that Matt read in Baseketball, how sad.

KJ came over last night. We talked, I gave him his gift and then we smoked. I was super chattery. 10 times more than normal it seemed. I don't know about what tho, I'll have to see what I wrote down.

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