Thursday, December 11, 2003

Have you ever been thisclose to dying? 

I probably wouldn't have died, but I would have been severely freaked out. The roads are super slick due to rain, snow and ice and the city/county hasn't done much about it. So as I'm driving to work today, I slowed down a bit cause I was a little close to the mini SUV I was following. As soon as I did, it swerved to the other side of the road, swerved back and started spinning. I braked carefully, but I couldn't turn while braking. Another car was in the oncoming lane and I waited until it had passed, let off the brake and missed both cars. Let me just tell you how scary it was... It was really scary.

Last night, not much happened. P and I hung out. We made dinner, watched a movie, smoked, played with her video camera and just chilled. I was in bed by 10:30 and she went out to the bar with Lion.

I'm not looking forward to Xmas shopping. I've got a couple people done. I'm still figuring out a couple people. I hate trying to figure out anyone. I wish I could just give them my love and $2 and be done with it. $2 is about all I'm going to have this year when finished, thanks to delayed doctor and dentist bills coming in.

Oh well, I have money saved up, and what better thing to spend it on than gifts for the people I love?

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