Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I met a boy... 

And oh my gosh what a boy. The other night at the bar, Lion and P met three guys and had been talking a bit about them. So last night when P, Em and I went to Lion's bar, they showed up. I knew right away that Vin would be the one I would be interested in, if any. And I was. We talked at the bar for quite awhile. He asked if he could come over and chill and I said yes. The other guys ended up coming with too. So one played xbox, one passed out on the couch with P and Vin and I listened to music and talked in the other room. We talked forever and about all sorts of different things. I know a lot about him, but I still don't know that much. Eventually I said I was going to bed so the other guys had to leave, considering P was already passed out. So they left, P went to sleep and Vin and I talked. And talked. And kissed. And snuggled. And kissed. And talked. And snuggled. Then I slept for a half hour before waking up to come into work. It was fun. I feel like I'm drunk. I bet I look like I'm drunk. Tee hee. He's going to call me tonight after work.

There are a few problems already. 1-He lives an hour and 45 minutes away. 2-He's just the cutest thing ever. Ok that's not really a problem, but I was typing out loud.

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