Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I need to know what to expect 

I had being unprepared. I like knowing what's going to happen and I then I know I don't have to stress about anything...but I do anyway. It fucking sucks. I honestly think I'm going crazy sometimes. One of my biggest fears ever is that I have a mental disease and it just hasn't shown itself yet. How strange is that?

Work was so boring yesterday. I hate having nothing to do. Normally, I ration my work so I have something to do most of the day and I'm wasting time in between tasks...now I have no work to ration! It bothers me a lot.

Anyway, so I watched tv at my parent's while doing laundry yesterday. Fun times. tv. Ohhh. And Atari. And me and P just being stupid.

Sometimes Lion just pisses me off. AHH! Like when he borrows my sister's car for an extending period of time, not getting back in time to pick her up and using a half a tank of gas while at it. What an ass. No respect. Considering that he only had to go 20 miles, there and back...it should not have taken an hour and a half. Or that much gas. I'm thinkin he went out joyriding. Not cool. Especially because there was someone else with him.

And now tonight I have to go to the club with him. I was so dreading it because I thought I had to work tomorrow...but we're closed! I don't have to work at all! YAY!! So sleep...sleep...rest for the New Year. Tonight tho...hopefully Clay will come with me and I'll see a ton of people I know. Then I would have a blast.

I still don't know what I'm going to do. If I'll try to get into some strange bar or if I'll just chill out at my sister's.

Ok, good news everyone. I'm going to go see Linkin Park! Y A Y A Y A Y A Y A Y A Y A Y A Y A Y A Y A Y !!! I don't know who I'm going with yet, but I bought two tickets and am waiting to hear from anyone who wants to go. January 30th, 2004. It's a Friday. Which makes it even better...I'm going to try and get off work at 12, drive on down to Madtown and chill out. Yay! Mostly likely P will go with me, but if she can't afford it...I dunno. But I'm going!

More good news! Incubus has a video to their new single now. Megalomaniac. Check it out - I love them very much and hope you do too.

Ok, last night I went over to my sister's and hung out with her and her boyfriend. I kick ass at Nintendo. I fuckin owned. We played Bignose, Paperboy, Gyro (personal favorite) and various others. Strange, I did much better when I was sober.

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