Monday, December 29, 2003

Just one little thing 

So I slept a lot last night. I went to sleep at 9:15. That's really early. Go me.

And I'm not in a bad mood or anything. Just one thing is bothering me and that leads to a million other things that I don't want to think about but I do anyway. If there is one person who can fuck with my head it's Beppo. But I give up.

no i don't

Shawn came and visited me! We spent Saturday night and all of yesterday together. I miss that boy. It was really nice to see him again, but I hated it at the same time. Mostly because I had to guess what his reaction would be some stuff I said. Not meaningful stuff in the slightest. But like I would say some smart ass comment and then think, "man I hope he knows I'm kidding". Because we've spent months apart and I didn't know if everything was the same or not. They are pretty much.

We went and saw Return of the King. I think I shocked a couple of my friends by going. See, I tend to complain if anyone talks about any of the movies for a prolonged period of time, mostly cause I'm sick of hearing about it! They're movies! Why didn't anyone talk about the books so much? Oh yeah, because they were boring! Seriously, I read the Hobbit (which I liked a lot), Fellowship of the Rings, The Two Towers and got halfway through Return of the King before I just had to quit. I figured I could guess the ending anyway...and I did.

Ok, I'm ready to face the day now.

ps - do you think this is real?

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