Wednesday, January 21, 2004

all i want is an ice cream cone 

hi. i'm feeling very non-caps today.

not much has happened. again. i had my guitar lesson and actually learned something. i'm kind of a bad student when i first start something. not really bad, just a joking, laughing, not taking anything seriously type student. so when i do start to take stuff a little more seriously, my teacher/instructor isn't expecting it. i've started taking this more seriously and asking questions and everything. i hope it helps.

i saw Boys Don't Cry last night. sad, sad movie. what else can i say?

i went to my sister and her boyfriend's place last night. they had a work party earlier that night and their place was the 'after party party'. that was one smokey room. i chilled out on the couch with my sister tho. after telling her i couldn't believe she was actually watching The Newlyweds, i was totally sucked into it. the force is not strong in me.

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