Monday, January 19, 2004

Episode 423 

Friday - P and I watched Gerry. Ummm... What can I say? Oh, my favorite walking scene was when they were in the desert.

We went to the bar. I saw some people I knew. Sorta knew. I went to high school with them, but they're a year or two older (go figure, since we're at a bar). It was fun, but it could have been better. It was a bit of a waste of a night really. P and I went home feeling a little bitter for various reasons.

Saturday - P had to work but got off early cause she couldn't talk. People we saw at the bar kept calling. I just wanted to sleep.

Crusty Monkey came over and we had the most fun. I've never laughed so hard in my life. I wish he came to town more often, it's a ton of fun when he does.

After the two of them left (P to the bar and Crusty to some friends' house) I called Grover. Even tho it was midnight, he drove over (45 mins) instead of meeting me so I could take a quick nap. I showed him some scenes from Gerry and then we went to look at some snow carvings.

It was cold. Like 7 degrees with a -15 wind chill. Yeah, I had a sweatshirt. Sometimes I just don't think. Oh well, cause there was a fire! So we warmed up around that.

We went to Perkins and sat with J and D. J my ex. J the guy who I am just no longer comfortable being around cause I know he still "loves" me and I don't want that. Oh well. KJ was at another table hanging with some friends, but came to our table when that was finished. We went on a little drive (we left at 4:17 and got back at 4:25)and things were a lot more interesting when we got back.

Sunday - I slept. I shopped. I smoked.

After I got home from shopping with my mom, I was just going to shower and read. But my sister's boyfriend called when I got out of the shower and invited me over. I wouldn't have if he didn't say that JP was going to be there. JP is this guy he works with who is just so funny. It was from him that that "You KNOW It!" point came from. So I had to get cute and show up.

We watched football. I kept getting caught up in the dramatics of the game and not the game itself. The hope, the let down, the victory. I couldn't help it. I felt really girly after I realized that and tried to get back into the game, but couldn't. Oh well.

Bonus: My sister came home before I left and I got to hang out with her too! And Kasey called! So it wasn't a complete waste of a weekend.

And now for something completely different:
This week coming up is going to kill me. I have plans for every night. I can't wait until this weekend. Of course I said that last weekend too and nothing super special happened like it was supposed to. Oh well. I figured.

This upcoming weekend I'm really trying hard to get over to see Beppo in Packer Homeland. Of course with the weather and all that... I don't know how well it would really go. But on the way there, I said I would drop Lion off at his friend's house. His friend that is from December 2-4th. The one he hung out with while I hung out with Vin. So ... I'm a little nervous about this weekend in general.

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