Monday, January 12, 2004

Good Morning Sunshine 

It was a Waste-of-Time-Weekend™; if I ever had one. I'm so incredibly sick of being propositioned for a three-way.

Friday - Shawn met me for lunch, Taco Bell baby! He also brought me a gift. A new cd.

He was waiting at my house when I was done with work. KJ showed up. We smoked outta my oney and met Grover at the movie theater. I really, really loved Big Fish. I'll say nothing about it, except if you're a crier, take tissue.

Afterwards, Shawn fell asleep. When this kid falls asleep, it's next to impossible to wake him up. I understood cause he hadn't slept in a day but I was bored. It was only 9 on a Friday night. So into my pjs I went, made a cup of tea, Breakfast Club went into the dvd player and I was set. Until the door buzzed. Lion and his Jailbait (now only 2 days until he turns 17) friend stopped by. Just to say hi and see if we wanted to go to the bar, um no. They ended up hanging out for an hour and a half and hitting on me the entire time. Then Lion stayed the night! How can I tell him to leave when the only place he has left to go is my parents'. (I'll not be so nice in the future I've decided).

Then my sister's boyfriend called and I had to run over there. Shawn still wasn't moving, so I ran his errands for him. That jerk. I went to sleep when I got home, at 1:30 in the morning.

Saturday - Shawn and Lion came running in my room at 8:00 am. What the fuck? I was wide awake then. Wake and Bake. I took a shower and we went out for breakfast. Lion's treat. He wanted us to go to Monroe with him and his jailbait friend...um no.

Shawn and I did some running around. We got kicked out of Walmart. Whoops.

Then when we got home at 1:30, we put in a movie and passed out around 2. I woke up at 5:30. Shawn moved from my bed out to the couch, but he passed out again. So I called people. I talked to Scary Mary again. That was fun, we made plans to see each other at Perkin's that night. Tyler either called me or I called him, Lion and Jailbait met him somewhere and picked him up. YAY! So Tyler got to come visit me.

They all got to my house at 10:30 at night with lots of booze. Shawn decided to wake up, I said something to him to convey that I was angry and he sulked for a bit.

I swear, I turned my back for 5 minutes and Jailbait was drunk. Seriously drunk. Calling his gilfriend and telling her that he was going to sleep with Shawn/Tyler/Lion/Me drunk. I took the phone from him and explained to the poor girl (who is only 14 and hasn't had a drink in her life) that her boyfriend was drunk and about ready to pass out. She sounded on the edge of tears when she asked me to watch out for him.

I asked Lion where they were going to go that night and he just looked at me. What? He said they had no where else to go and please Kelly? That FUCKER! I can't believe (yes I totally can) that he would do that. I had places to go, people to see and I didn't want a stupid, drunk, horny, bi-curious 16 year old at my house with someone who I don't really trust anymore. But I let them stay and left anyway. Ty, Shawn and I went to Perkins.

I saw a lot of people I knew. They knew I was in a THC induced haze and had drank a couple. People were messing with my head and it got really old. Spike was there. He promised to call still, but I dunno.

We went back to my house, nothing had burned down, but Lion did kind of make a mess. Like usual. Ugh this kid can just anger me like no one I know.

We put on the Breakfast Club (again) and everyone passed out except for me. So I woke Shawn and Tyler up and we went into my room and passed out at 5:30am.

Sunday - Wake and Bake at 10:30. I kicked Lion and Jailbait out. They wanted to hang out but I wasn't about that. Still angry about the night before I guess. I don't like being used for a place to stay and get drunk.

Tyler, Shawn and I didn't do much Sunday. I was getting really sick of Shawn, cause all he was talking about was how he wanted to have an "orgy" and how much fun it would be. Thrown into conversation every once in awhile is ok, but not shutting up about it. I'll not go into too many details, but he was more than just talking. And I was annoyed.

Finally, at five, I said we had to be going. I had to drop Tyler off and get back early so I could sleep. Shawn left and Tyler and I were on our way.

We talked a lot. I mean, it's a hour and fourty five minute drive to his house. Mostly we made plans for this weekend. He's coming up and we're going to spend the night getting fucked up somehow. I have a lot of liquor and he's going to bring some goodies. It'll be an interesting time. We've made so many plans. We're going to make Spaghetti and garlic bread, go on a scavenger hunt and record the night with my video camera. It'll be fun.

I spent a lot of the time this weekend babysitting. I don't want to have to entertain someone continuously. I don't want to have to watch people at my house to make sure they aren't fucking something up. I don't want to have to deal with people I don't want to deal with. I just want some cool people I know I can trust. I wasn't feeling that this weekend. I need to be more firm on making people leave. This has been a problem for too long. And I really need to have a chat with Lion.

In other news:

Listening to Rent is making me tear up. Still.

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