Thursday, January 22, 2004

Just don't make me turn my head 

Ok. I just feel like complaining real quick (or real slow, I'm not sure yet). I'm tired. So very, very tired. All I want to do is lay back down and sleep for another hour or two, then I'll be good. And can I have a real pillow this time? Cause my neck really hurts from that little one last night.

Of course I would be just fine if I had used my brain last night. But when someone challenges me...I just have to try and win. And last night, I at least tied with everyone. Someday I'll grow up past all this silly idea of challenging, but until then...

I slept at my sister's house last night. They have the best couch ever. Ok, second best cause P's mom has the best. Followed closely by my sister's. But Grover has the best loveseat (he insists that it's a couch, only smaller and I say it's a loveseat and should have no part of "best couch" talks). In any case, it was really comfortable, excepting the pillow. And I'm really glad I didn't have to drive home. It's windy as hell out there.

Stopping at starbucks this morning was wonderful tho. Mmmm, hot and yummy chai. Plus, because I had to wait awhile (it didn't seem like that long, because I was listening to A Perfect Circle after weeks of not being able to) I got a free drink ticket thing. Any size, anything I want. yay.

Right, well, I know reading about me getting coffee in the morning and where I slept last night is the most interesting thing but...I should really go. Work and all that.

HAHAHA what a joke. These last couple of days have been soo incredibly boring. I mean, I'm supposed to be working on this project, but I'm waiting on coworkers to get me information and I'd rather not do it at all, so I'm procrastinating. Yay run on sentence. I write like I talk...only I hope I don't sound as empty headed when I speak. Hmmm. Only I prolly sound even more empty headed when I talk because I don't write down all the words I use in speech: like, totally, seriously, .... ok that's all I can think of. And I do use those words when writing, just not as much as when I talk.

That's it. I quit. It's too early, I'm too not in my right mind and ... yeah.

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