Tuesday, January 27, 2004

just keep swimming. just keep swimming. swimming, swimming, swimswimswim 

Guess what I did last night! That's right, I went swimming. Man I miss it. A lot. I am seriously thinking about lifeguarding again, just so I can swim more.

P and I went swimming at 9:00 last night. Oh and I got to sit in a hot tub outside, while it was snowing.

Afterwards, we hung out at Perkins with Fmeow and JC SUPERSTAR!. Oh and that guy that kept fucking with my head the other week (jan 12th). [But it wasn't an I'll-say-this-and-it'll-freak-her-out kind of messing with my head. It was an I'll-keep-tickling-you-and-pretending-like-I'm-going-to-poke-you-and-swirl-my-hands-around-your-face kind of messing with my head. I do not approve of any unrequested entrance into the personal bubble. I got kind of pissed off.]

I couldn't fall asleep. I really wanted to. But I think getting a 7 hours of sleep for more than two days in a row has really thrown me. It's strange to sleep so much.

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