Monday, January 26, 2004

the roadtrip that never was... 

So. We didn't go to Packer Homeland. Whoops. When I even got out early on Friday to go. Oh well. I spent the time instead burning a cd. Early Friday night was spent in a bad mood because P took off in a bad mood. Communication error. Later, Lion, his young friend, P and myself played a game of darts at a local tavern. Lion's young friend hit on me repeatedly and wanted for me to take him seriously.

P, Grover and I went to see Butterfly Effect on Saturday. That was fun. After that we watched Neon Genesis Evangelian until we all needed to pass out. At 11:30.

After getting an entire nights sleep, I woke up at 9:30 to P's music. Bad music at that. Or at least not what I wanted to hear, which was quiet. Oh well. We accomplished a lot. We picked up the house (it's already messy), we went shopping, we cooked, we did laundry, we did dishes, all while under some influence. My favorite part was when I read aloud from a book and we discussed it. I don't know if that was good or bad, but we had to literally pick sentences apart and figure out what he was trying to say. We've also started a vocabulary program and a book club. So far we're the only ones in it, but ya know, it's a start.

Last night I had a fight with my sister. She's sick of mary jane. Her boyfriend is all about it, all the time and she hates it. I want to shake her and tell her not to put up with it, but she never listens. Oh well. Last night I went over to her house and had a mary jane free evening with her. Hopefully, we'll do it again sometime, soon, cause we didn't get to finish watching Lilo and Stich and I haven't seen it yet. Holy run on sentence Batman.

Ok, I'm starting to feel a little wired. Damn this sucks it's still really early in the day. Especially when I have nothing to do.

And now for something completely different

My Book List at this moment:
Crazy Love (I'm almost halfway I think)
A Clockwork Orange (yeah, um, second page)
Catch-22 (I was halfway a half a year ago, but P stole it and now I have to start over)
Wolves of Calla (YAYAYAY! I'm borrowing it from my sister today)
Lolita (I'm over halfway done...can't wait to be finished with it just to be done)
Zombie Survival Guide (Ummm, sorry Grover, you'll get it back eventually...I'll start it eventually)
The Illiad (our first book in the book club)
Everything is Illuminated (I got to a certain point and stopped, I'll have to start again soon)
A Christmas Story (I'm almost done, thanks mom)

And that's all I can remember. There may be more.

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