Friday, January 16, 2004

Stupid people do stupid things 

Smart people outsmart each other.

I hung out with my family last night. YAY! P and I headed over to my parents' after I got home. We had a long talk with my father about war, politics, religion, race...all the things I rarely talk about, but don't mind listening to.

Dinner was excellent. My sister, parents and I sat at the table together. It's a rare thing, and really meant a lot.

My sister and dad work together (my sister is a secretary and my dad fixes phone lines) and there was talk about me working at the same place with them. There were jokes and memories brought up, but my sister out of no where says "But you would have to pass the piss test first." I looked down and said nothing. My parents laughed and made jokes at my expense.

To the outsider, it would look like my parents were being really cool and understood and all that. They might be, they might not be. But I still can't help but not want to talk about this around them at all, and when people bring it up it pisses me off. I'm not comfortable with it, why are people making me do it? P and Lion and my sister especially do it all the time. Not cool.

We were supposed to watch Schindler's List, but it was already 8:00 by the time dinner and talking was over. So they put in Johnny English. I got bored and went downstairs to finish laundry and hang out with Lion. I had to talk to him and explain what I was pissy about. (Then I found out he splashed my brand new sweatshirt with bleach). Oh well.

I've decided another of my New Year's Resolutions should be: Try to not be such a henious bitch.

Thank you and good night.

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