Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Time to catch up with the rest of the world... 

C came over last night. We had a drink and watched Amelie. It was cute. Long, but entertaining. I liked it, but I still like He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not more.

His roommate called again. Still a laugh to talk to.

KJ came over after C and P left. We were going to smoke a quick one and then watch Spun. Well, we ended up sitting in the Zen Room for a longr time than we had originally planned. Finally when we got out to the living room and watched the first ten minutes...wow. Even the menu was hard to handle (the movie is filmed like what it's like to be on crystal). But we watched twenty minutes before my sister called.

I'm really glad we went over to their house cause if I had to watch that entire movie right then...I would have just freaked out. I'm just not cut out to do hard-core drugs if just watching that movie (and some others, like Requiem for a Dream, Trainspotting...strangely enough I own them both) made me want to flip.

Now when I say freak out, I don't mean running around screaming my head off. I prolly wouldn't talk at all. It would all be internal and I would get paranoid as fuck. Not only paranoid, but depressed and way over emotional. It's amazing what substances can do to your mind.

KJ and I talked about this last night. He had been asking himself for months why he smokes and he figured it out. Smoking makes everything seem beautiful, more exciting. And he hates being bored. It's that simple. No matter what happens when you smoke, you really can't be bored. But then he went on about memories that he has that's never happened, just because he had the idea in his mind. I didn't really follow him there so...I might be making stuff up.

So I guess, this is my memory that never happened.

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