Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Wanna know what I'm sick of? Here I'll demonstrate:

[Friend who I don't talk to a lot]: So what's new?
Me: Umm. Nothing really. Still working and just kind of hanging out.
[Friend]: Oh yeah?
Me: Yeah, not too much going on here.

I've had this conversation so much lately...I'm just sick of it. I want there to be something new. I want to be interesting, which I am very far from being right now.

But what in the world can I do? Considering my friends take up most of my time (and I don't even get to spend quality time with a lot of them) and I'm thinking about getting a second job. I mean, I've done interesting things. I've been to mixology school (for all the good that did me), I was in Karate, I'm taking guitar lessons. But I'm still really boring. I lead a boring life.

Surely there is something more.

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