Wednesday, January 28, 2004

We must have the worst coffee in the world 

BLAH! Seriously, this is sick.

I had my guitar lesson last night. I can definitely see an improvement. I got all the way through Yellow Submarine without stopping (and only a few fuck ups). Go me.

Last night, going home, watching a movie and passing out (the plan) turned into going to the bar and getting kind of drunk. My bad. I wouldn't have caught such a buzz if I had eaten dinner, but I kind of forgot that part. We played darts (P won most of the games, I really suck) and talked with the bartender. He is one of P's kind of friends. He's a really awesome guy and I would totally love to hang out with him more. He's supposed to call sometime and maybe come over on Sunday. He'd be a great influence on us for deeper thinking.

The following is a little ... not quite embarrassing, but close. So read with an open mind and don't judge me ... please?

P is the one person on this earth that understands me. She knows the most about me, without knowing a lot about me. If she had a penis, we would be mating. A really great thing (especially while waiting) about both of us is we're both easily amused. We can sit and talk with each other for hours. And never run out of things to say.

As it is, we don't talk about "important" things. Because one of us will say something and the other one will go "yeah, I know..." with nothing else to add, because the other one just said it. "Important" things like religion (we've had a few talks), philosophy, books... Ya know. Deeper thinking. Because we spend the majority of our time together, talking about not important things, we feel we might be losing our intelligence.

So we're on a quest for more things to discuss, more words to use and just general knowledge. I know we are not stupid. In fact, I'd say we're pretty intelligent (but then again, how can I judge?). Still tho, doing this makes me feel...stupid? I want to learn, I miss learning, but knowing about all the stuff out there that I don't know, and other people do is intimidating.

Wish us luck.

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