Friday, February 27, 2004

Whenever I'm alone... 

It was a hard night last night.

Well, bad news first, for me anyway, Drummer Boy didn't call. I'm really sick of waiting for his ass, so I don't think I will anymore.

I hung out with my sister last night. We walked along the river and watched Requiem for a Dream. I cried, of course, I should have known better. Especially when I was going home to an empty house.

So when I got home, I cried and cried and cried. Shh, don't tell anyone. My sister called and right after I got off the phone with her my mom called. She said she had a feeling I wasn't happy. My mom is so sweet. We talked for awhile.

I smoked. Because that seems to be what I do. I thought about a lot of stuff from a different angle and had a couple of realizations. I don't want anyone to be able to hurt me. But I don't want to be heartless. I'm still no closer to figuring out the balance, but I have a few more things to consider.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Not too much time... 

Still proofing today. So I only have a couple of minutes and a few things to say:

1. I didn't get to see P yesterday and that makes me sad.
2. I wrote my first song, but because P was there I couldn't share it with anyone, which makes me sad.
3. Emmer can be a really negative person and that makes me sad.
4. I went to the bar with my sister, which makes me happy (but wonder what the hell? I'm afraid she gave up...)
5. I saw Drummer Boy. And he's supposed to call me today.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

*gasp* a second post 

I'm so glad I don't blow-dry my hair.

And I'm really bored. I don't normally do a double post, but I am so freaking insanely bored. Incredibly bored. I have no words left to describe it. And not only am I bored, but I don't want to work. Surprise!

See, it is a beautiful day (for February anyway) and I'm wearing a new spring inspired outfit (pink and flowery, but in moderation, always in moderation). There's a window open somewhere in the office and I can smell the outside air. It's making me very happy. So damn it! I want to go on a drive or something.

Earlier today I was chatting with Supervisor while we were supposed to be proofing and we we're going to see if Boss would take us to Starbucks and a certain home improvement store. Her idea, not even kidding. She needs granite counters or something and wanted me to go along. Yay. But nay, it didn't happen... Had my hopes all up for nothing.

But tonight. Emmer and I are hanging out. Not only hanging out, but drinking together too. It should prove to be a fun night. We start at my house and finish at the bar. My sister's boyfriend is supposed to play some darts or pool with us and then who knows what?

So, here's to tonight!

Cue West Side Story Soundtrack 

There were so many titles I had in my head today:

Pretty in Pink
I'm so excited
With a twinkle in my eye...

Last night was uneventful. I had a guitar lesson, picked up my laundry and then did nothing at home. P and I took a half a sleeping pill, started watching About A Boy and then passed out at 10:30.

This morning I woke up and had no balance. That sucked, but all is good now.

Ok, I'm going to go back to proofing now.

Tonight, tonight it is. Wednesday. To the bar with you!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The whole thing is topped with a bow 

Last night after work, I wanted to do something. Anything that resembled activity. So P and I sat down and got to work thinking of something to do. Unfortunately, we didn't come up with much. So we grabbed our video cameras and drove around.

Somehow, we ended up at a big home improvement center. A while ago, someone broke the lock on our window so we were going to see if they had the piece we needed. They didn't.

But the Drummer Boy was there. We walked past where he was helping someone and, wow, he's cute. Even better with a tool belt on, it threw me. Anyway, P and I were looking around at lamps and rugs and stuff when Drummer Boy called. He found us and I seriously couldn't talk. All I could do is turn red and laugh. It sucked. A lot.

We took off outta that mess and went to P's place of employment. We had the camera out for a bit, but mostly we walked around. It's freaking huge so, we were active.

I felt like a tool because of earlier, but P tried to keep it upbeat. When we got home, we spent a long time talking about friends. We grew up in different situations, different personalities and way different outlooks on life. I was getting a little pissed off, so we changed subjects, sort of.

We sat in the zhen room, I played guitar and she read.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Happy Monday 

Ok. I'm feeling a little cranky so we'll try to keep this short.

I love hanging out with Grover*. He stayed the night Friday. We made snowmen (ok, a snow-woman, a snow-tiki-man and a frog) and we watched a lot of anime. And then we talked for hours like normal. Ohh lots of really, really dumb joke inspired by exhaustion were said. "It had to be said." We finally watched Ghostship.

The Drummer Boy called me finally. First on Friday night at 1:30 in the morning to see if I wanted to go out on Saturday. Then he called on Saturday at 10:30 at night to see I would meet him. We made plans to meet at Perkins pretty quick. Then he called at 1:42 am Sunday morning, while I was still at Perkins, waiting for him. Bast'd.

I went horseback riding yesterday with my sister and mother. That was fun. My horse was a beautiful, giant, white, ornery hunk of horse named Moses. We got along just fine.

I watched a movie last night. Thank goodness I was mostly sober. If you get a chance, check out Frogs, you'll love it, I swear. Don't hate me.

*Grover is the character previously known as E-l-m-o. Changed for reasons...

Friday, February 20, 2004

keol facial cream? what?

God bless McDonalds 

Not kidding. On the drive here, I developed the worst cramps known to (wo)man. I can't even convey the pain I felt. And for no reason I might add. Anyway, I called my mother, because that's what a girl does when she's sick. Well, this girl anyway. I had to hang up cause I needed to fully concentrate on driving. As soon as the phone when away from my ear, I felt faint. The blood whispered past my ears and I could feel a light sweat even tho it was freezing. I wondered if I should pull over, but I've fainted so many times before that I know when it's about to get serious and it wasn't quite at that point yet. Finally, my office came in view, but a freaking cop was driving really slow in front of me. Egads. I've never felt such fury for the law enforcement before.

Once I was in the parking lot, I sat in my car for a bit still suffering from devil cramps and still close to fainting. But overachiever that I am, had to go inside. If only I could have made it to my office. Instead I sat down on a chair right inside the door. Everyone was in the back, so thankfully not many saw the wreck I was (am). A couple of different coworkers came in the front way. Someone got me water while I sat there with my head on my knee hoping that I wasn't going to die. Eventually when my boss showed up, he made me go in his office and lean back in his chair. My boss even went to McDonalds and got me breakfast. I got to concentrate on relaxing, the cramps stopped THANK THE LORD. That totally revived me and here I am.

Moral of the story: Even if you get a ham, egg and cheese bagel instead of a bacon, egg and cheese bagel, you'll feel better.

So I had a freaky dream this morning. Ok. We were in a different town or something. It was P, Shawn, C and myself. We were at a restaurant or something and we kept meeting the craziest people. I don't remember why they were crazy, but they would follow us around. Follow us around = crazy. So we tried to escape, laughing the whole time. Then it got serious and so Shawn, C and I decided to leave town for a couple of days. P would hang out at the apartment (why our apartment was in this town I have no idea). So we left. A guy kept showing up tho, following us.

Another dream or a continuation?

I got to the apartment without Shawn or C. My parents, two sisters and their boyfriends were there. We had a great time together, playing cards, watching movies.. At the end, I walked my sister's to their cars wearing two different black sandles, but both of them were really cute. The drive way was super long, steep and covered in ice and snow. I slipped and slid most of the way down, laughing. My sisters and I threw snowballs, built a snowman and just played like kids. Across the street from their cars was a chow-chow. But a purple chow-chow. One that barked and seemed really angry. But then he got quiet and said, "I wanna play." So I said, "Come play!" So he did.

I had another dream. Grover was over and hanging out. I guess it was my room, cause I was cleaning it, but it didn't look like my room. It had bunk beds and no windows. Plus it was kind of dark. Not my room at all. So he was helping me a little bit, I was talking to him about a problem or something I think. I just felt like we were really close friends and I loved it. Then as I'm messing with something on the top bunk, he comes over and kisses me on the cheek.

Strange dreams eh?

Maybe it's because of yesterday. P and I went over to C's. Grover and a friend from high school was over there. We watched Shanghi Noon and ate pizza. Yay. And Yum! Afterwards, I had to do some laundry, so we trucked it over to my parents house. I grabbed Party Monster from my house before I left so we watched that. Crazy. I liked it. I think I need to watch it again sometime soon. Like tonight.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Chase me Kelly! Chase me! 

Um. Last night. Nothing new. Open jam at the bar. No really interesting or cool people. We did get to hang out with my sister's boyfriend all night tho, he's fun.

I didn't get to bed until 2. I'm a little annoyed with that. I couldn't function at the end of the night. Someone would be talking and I'd rest my head on my hand and close my eyes. I couldn't even write in the notebook! That's significant.

We meet the craziest people at the bar. This guy, we've played darts with him before, walks up and tells us this story about his roommate and how he's a million pounds overweight. Of course we got the long version filled with descriptions of how his flatulent aroma hung around. It was so sick, I almost died laughing.

Then he asked if I was a stripper.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Jeezie Creezie 

There's always that fear lingering, "when is it all going to go wrong?". For the longest time it didn't. But yesterday was the end of the innocent time.

Hahaha, innocent? Right...

Nothing too serious, just a nice search warrent for my friend's house. Sucks for him...sucks for everyone. This just after another friend was busted. I'd imagine there is going to be some pointing of fingers and maybe some friendships ended. See what business does?

The worse part of this is that it's very hard to take light hearted. With crooked cops and death threats being thrown around, it's hard to not take serious. I know a couple of people who are no longer in business (but may be up and running again at a later date). Hopefully everyone else will just be a little more careful.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

There's been a bust in the family.

Not a good day...not a bad day 

Today is a nothing day. It feels like, although nothing bad will happen, nothing good will happen. But who knows. Ya know?

Yesterday all I did was swim. And swim, and swim, and swim. From 6 until 9 actually.

While I was driving to meet P at the resort we were going to swim at, a coworker of her's called and wanted to know about swimming with us. I happened to go to high school with her, but whenever I saw her outside of school, she would ignore me. What a bitch right? Last night, at the beginning of the night, she kept ignoring me or keeping me out of the conversation. I was really getting pissed off, but played the bigger person and was polite. Eventually she stopped being such an uptight bitch and we all had fun.

By the way, I realize it's been awhile, so... I love Incubus. They have a new cd out, I hope you've heard of it (if not actually heard it). It's pretty good. I'm gonna have to say tho, my favorite cd is still make yourself. A lot of the songs on this new cd sound similar. I love them anyway.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Happy Valentines Day 

A couple of days late. Like normal.

So. What a long weekend, eh? Well, in my humble opinion, it was extremely long. But if it had been longer still, I wouldn't have complained. I accomplished nothing anyway.

Friday - I hung out after work for a bit. Receptionist needed someone to hang out in the gym with her. Grover came over like planned. We watched one movie and then he left. I was going to go to bed...

But wait! Drummer Boy came over! Oh this kid is a cutie. We watched most of The Gate. But ended up falling asleep.

Saturday - I woke up a lot at night cause P didn't sleep at all. The poor girl. She had drill this weekend too. Thankfully it was in Madtown and not in the town where she usually goes. I was awake when she left at 6.

Drummer Boy had to be at work at noon, so I woke him up at 10:30.

I spent the next couple of hours doing nothing. P came home at 3 or something. KJ came over at 4ish. We smoked. We watched a movie and we played a card game. Pretty normal and boring.

Saturday night was boring too. We went to that other bar that Drummer Boy wanted to go to. Well. It wasn't too fun. But Receptionist and Drummer Boy met us there. We chilled out for a bit. But everyone was tired, so it was an early night.

P and I went to our bar. We sat at the bar and only talked to people who talked to us first. Excepting, of course, Mix cause we both want to jump him.

Sunday - What is the first thing I did Sunday morning? The dishes. Boo! P and I smoked and watched a movie. My sister's boyfriend came over and we smoked. I was supposed to go to Madtown with him, but he was taking Crust Critter, so I didn't want to go. Eck.

Instead, while P went to work, I slept. Then I went with my sister's boyfriend to pick my sister up. I've never been to her place of employment...I don't know when I'll go again cause it was kind of embarrassing. She showed me off to everyone. I felt really stupid. Surprise!

After we got back to their apartment, we smoked and played darts. And I won too! I love darts.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Y'all wanna hear something strange? Well, my favorite candy bar is an Almond Joy (well, one of my favorites). So today I tried an Almond Joy that was flavored with my favorite fresh fruit, pineapple. Pina Colada Almond Joys. Yum.

That's right, I said it. It is something else. And just in case I wasn't supposed to share that information...oops, my bad.

So is he leaving tonight? 

He's not sure. He'll think about it. He hasn't decided yet. Oh Cinema Paradiso.

So P told me yesterday that after I left the bar, the new boy was trying to get her to make sure I went to the other bar this weekend to see him. I guess he is all about me! That's really exciting.

Last night was a boring night. Fun, but boring. I did laundry while P, Lion, Shawn, my father and I watched the Red Violin. It was pretty good. I liked it anyway.

Afterwards, Shawn and I smoked. I played guitar and he sang. It sounded kind of cool. Then again... I remember what I played, so I'll give it a shot tonight and see if it sounds cool at all.

KJ came over. So he and Shawn smoked and played a game while P and I talked.

P and I talked for a long time. I love this girl. She truely is my best friend and I know I can tell her anything. Anything. And what makes this even more cool, is that while I was meeting my new guy on Wednesday, she was hanging out with a new guy too! Granted, she works with this guy, but it still counts. They talked for hours! She really likes him, and I think he likes her...but he has a girl. So we'll see, ehh? It's just nice to be able to go through all this with her. Of course we both have a ton to say on it.

Anyway, KJ taught us a new card game. He was really fucked up. But he said that I'm his smoking soulmate. And I guess I make him feel better about a lot of things while he's high. I don't know what that's about. He always talks about how dumb he is when he smokes, I told him it was expected and he wasn't alone. I welcomed him to the club with a nice little speech. I hope he feels better about it. Or bad enough to not smoke anymore (that sounds bad to me, but not smoking is better than smoking and being bitter about it).

So, Friday the 13th huh? Well. I'm going to have to say I've not seen any of the Freddy, Jason or Michael movies. Tonight, Grover and I are going to watch scary movies. Who knows what...I need to see Ghostship still (we've been talking about watching that movie since we met).

Valentines Day huh? Well. Eh. I'm going to "maybe catch a movie, pick up some dinner" with Grover. I didn't realize it was going to be Valentines Day until after I agreed. I'm a little nervous. Hopefully, the whole "we're friends" thing is still good. But I guess it's better than staying home alone.

A lot of people hate Valentines Day. I don't hate it. I hated it last year. Last year a bunch of stupid shit went down. But I'm ok this year, even tho I'm not in a "love" relationship. I still have love and I plan on letting my family and friends know that I appreciate them.

And I appreciate you. This journal has helped me realize and work out a lot of shit. Plus, it makes things easier to remember. I want to say thanks for reading and a special thanks to all the people who have commented, offering advice, jokes and other insight I might have not had otherwise. You rock.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Early in the morning... 

(If you already read this - check out the ps)

Today is a Sublime day if there ever was one. I may be tired, I may be fuzzy in the brain, but damn it, listening to Sublime will make it all better.

So I wasn't at work yesterday, my bad.

Maybe it's cause Tuesday I decided to be dumb and go to the bar. We already had plans to go Wednesday (yesterday) but I wasn't going to be able to drink on Wednesday cause I had a dentist appointment. So I wanted to play some darts and whatnot. I went and picked up Shawn from his aunt's. P, Shawn and I then went to the bar to play darts. Too bad there was leagues. We sat around for a while, I saw someone I used to work with. That guy and his friend kept feeding me drinks... aww man. I got pretty drunk and then bored. I was so ready to go, but P and Shawn were talking. And talking. And talking. When we finally got going, Shawn was so freaking drunk, I had to supervise him in the bathroom on his request. I sobered up for taking care of him, but once he left with KJ to go to my sister's boyfriend's house, I fell in the hallway and laid there for awhile.

I called into work on Wednesday. I slept until 12 and then did nothing. Oh, I had a dentist appointment at 4, that sucked. I was one numb Kelly.

When I got home, Shawn was sleeping on the couch and P was just getting into the shower. She takes forever to get ready! Forever! So I went ice skating with Shawn and my sister. For two hours. When we stopped back at the apartment, P still wasn't ready. So Shawn, my sister and I went over to my sister's house. JP and his ex girl were there with my sister's boyfriend. We all sat a bit. Watched Family Guy. I talked my sister's boyfriend into going to the bar.

I didn't drink. Ok, I didn't mean to drink. I only had a shot of tequilla rose and half a bud light. Ew. But what the hay? Why not? I was leaving the whole time I was there. Ya know, how when someone asks you if you want to do something and you say "I would love to man, but I gotta be going." I did that all night. But hey, good news, I met a really cool guy.

Story time!

He's a fuckin cutie, he's a drummer and he's kind of dorky. It's just crazy. I was checking him out for quite awhile and then we started talking. I'm not really sure how. Just random bar talk maybe, maybe P introduced us (even tho she couldn't remember his name, nor he her's). At first, I couldn't tell what exactly was going on. Cause we talked for a like a half hour the first time, and it was a little weird. He invited me to go to a different bar this weekend and when I told him that I was 19, he said that it was ok if I was with him. And then he stammered for a while about how he didn't mean like us going together, that I shouldn't go with him...just kind of talking himself into a not so good spot. Lucky for him, he had to go play.

But when he was done playing (it was open jam, but also his drum set) he came back. I helped him carry his shit out to his vehicle and we talked more. He's so incredibly great. After we were done carrying shit, we were still outside and he asked about this weekend again. He asked what he had to do to make me go...I thought about it for a second and then he leaned down and kissed me! So wonderful. So. Wonderful. I gave him my number and I really hope he calls.

I was thinkin about it, normally I'm not ready to kiss the first time I meet someone. Ya know? Cause that's kind of quick. It's automatic. Even if I really like the guy, when he leans down to kiss me, I back off or turn my head or am just really nervous and can't handle it. Before I even think about it. Last night, when he leaned down, I was just so incredibly ok with it. It's special.

So yeah. After I finally left the bar (at 1:15am!), I went over to my sister's again cause her boyfriend and Shawn were there. Also some guy named Steve. He was a cutie and fun as hell. I want to smoke with him again just cause he's fun to look at.

I finally got to sleep at 2:30am. And here I am today.

PS - I forgot to tell you the greatest thing that came outta the new boys mouth. When asked what he did, he replied "I'm good at fixing pipes" totally unsarcastic. Turns out he works at the local orange-fix-your-house doing plumbing! How funny is that?

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Can't think. Brain will explode. 

I really meant to get to sleep early last night. Shit, I tried to get to sleep early. But I just could not sleep. And today, thinking is really hard.

Luckily, I got off work at 3. Yay! I did some running around and was napping before 5. Napping for a couple of minutes anyway.

Grover and C came over. P & I cooked and we all watched Eddie Izzard. Funny stuff.

I was in bed by 10:15. But Shawn called. He was in a car accident, but he's ok. His car is fucked, but he's ok. He wants me to go pick him up and have him spend a couple of days at my apartment. P has a bit of a problem with this...they always have issues. So I'm not quite sure what to say. 2 days and no more? That might work.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Ok, this is an interesting site. Check out what daryl wants to do.
I can't say I blame him too much.

Happy a week later 

Five days have disappeared from my life and I'll never get them back again. This is what happens when you go to Minnesota. Ok, not Minnesota in general. Just the town we were in.

I was there with my boss and my supervisor who are dating. I don't even know the details of how many times we did press checks, what time we did them or anything. I honestly can't remember. But I do know that it started getting bad Thursday night.

Thursday night I fell asleep at 10:00 pm, woke up Friday at 4:30am, stayed at the plant until 7:00am. We ended up being awake for the rest of the day, catching an hour nap from 10:30pm to 11:30pm, when I was woken up to do another press check. Then there were issues and we stayed awake all day until we got home at 1:30pm Saturday afternoon.

It was at one of the middle of the night checks I kind of went klepto. I most of the candy they had (in the customer lounge), I took magazines they had sitting out, I took a canister of sugar, I took a teacup and saucer... My boss was just sitting there cheering me on. Now they have the candy and the magazines for people to take. I'm sure the sugar and teacup was a bit of a strech, but my boss and I decided that if they didn't want us to take stuff, they wouldn't have left it there.

But it was a hellish trip.

Then I couldn't nap once I got home. I hung out with my mom. Then P. Then P and KJ. They kept making fun of me cause I would say we did something yesterday when it was only a couple of hours ago, or I would say we were doing something tomorrow when really it was later that night. I was all screwed up.

At 8:30pm I decided I could nap. So I did. People kept calling, our neighbor was having a party and P's music was loud, but I napped. P tried to wake me up at 11pm. But she ended up sleeping right next to me. I woke up at 11:30pm and woke her up.

We went to the bar. And had soooo much fun. We played darts and goofed off with Mix and some other friends there. The guys took off so we played more darts and let some other guys pick us up. They grabbed beer from their hotel room and followed us to our apartment. Once there, we went into the zhen room, smoked and hung out. When P and I were tired of talking, we kicked them out. They were pretty cool guys.

Sunday - My sister called at 1ish maybe and wanted me to go to Madtown with her and her boyfriend. I didn't want to, but I knew she'd be pissed if I didn't and would make her really happy if I did. So I went.

We had a pretty good time. When we got back, it was madness. My sister made dinner. It was JP, Mister R, Krust Kritter (EEWWW!!!), P, my sister, my sister's boyfriend and myself. After dinner it was into the smoking room.

JP, Mister R and my sister's boyfriend smoke a lot. For my safety I won't go into details. But lets just say my eyes still burn, I'm having trouble speaking and that was the most I've ever smoked. Ever.

Good morning, by the way.

So tonight. I'm sleeping. Yes I am. We're going to watch Eddie Izzard and sleep. Maybe even take some sleeping pills to help us out. I can totally deal with that. I think I might see if I can leave at 3 today. I don't imagine that my boss would tell me no. We just spent many days together. We're close. Like this *crosses fingers*. Kay, I'm getting a little stupid now. But we are friends. He tells me what he got my supervisor for Valentine's Day (she is so fuckin lucky).

OH! They got me a present for "doing such a great job" and "making things easy". They got me a Sally doll. Ya know, the Nightmare Before Christmas Sally? Do ya know? I mean, this is one of my favorite movies ever. If you haven't seen it, go rent it. Please? This doll pulls apart and is just the coolest thing ever. So rock on.

Ok. I need to go do something...work related maybe. Maybe not.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Just like I was playing Go Fish... 

I got my wish.

Friday - The moment I walked out of the office, my phone rang. It was the Russian. He was looking for P, but since she was in her home town, he talked to me. He said that a friend called him up and was looking to get rid of some tickets to the Linkin Park concert that night. He needed a ride to Madtown tho, and if I drove, we could go. I said I'd call him back and debated for awhile. I knew P would be disappointed, but come on, Linkin Park. I called him back and said that I would love to go.

So I went.

Words just cannot describe. Story of the Year cancelled. Sad, I bought their cd awhile back and was looking forward to seeing them. Hoobastank rocked me. They had such a high energy level and we quite enjoyable to watch. The Russian and I hung out on an upper level for their show. Up next, P.O.D. I( never knew what that stood for before, but in case you're wondering it's Payable on Death). They were ok. It's a little heavier music so the atmosphere is different. But still fun, halfway through that The Russian and I went down on the floor. I still have bruises.

I saw Linkin Park. In person. Really close. Mike was not 10 feet away from me. All the nasty sweaty people, the awful smelling hot air, getting kicked, hit, elbowed, knocked over, losing my headband, possibly ruining a shirt... completely worth it.

Saturday - I woke up at 12:30ish when my dad called and said he would be picking me up in an hour. That sucked. My mother, father, uncle and I drove for 2 hours south. Hung out with family and drove all the way back. Oh my gosh that sucked.

There was huge drama Saturday night. My sister wanted to hang out with me (and me alone). P wanted to play darts. Grover, P and myself wanted to watch Evangeline. This was really complicated.

My sister called me up at 9:00 and asked if I wanted to hang out. I told her that I needed to watch at least two episodes of Evangeline because it needed to go back. She got pissed, we fought. She said she would go play darts with us. We hung up. Grover showed up. P and I smoked. The door buzzed. I thought it might have been my sister, so I ran down to see and no. It was Lion. Shit. We stopped answering the door because he stops by so much and we just can't deal with him all the time. So he came up. There was this whole big ordeal where he wanted to hang out with us, but did understand that I couldn't hang out with anyone that night because I was hanging out with my sister. (He's in love with my sister, by the way). I told the truth and he said I was a liar. I just didn't know what to say. P stuck up for me tho, thankfully. So now he's prolly still mad at me...

After all that tho, my sister stayed home, P fell asleep and I hung out with Grover. He didn't leave until 4:30am-ish.

Sunday - P jumped on my bed at 9:00 to apologize for falling asleep. I rolled over and hid. I woke up at 11 tho. That sucked. If there was ever a time to sleep until 3 that was it.

My sister and I were supposed to do laundry together, but she hung out with my mom instead. So I hung out with her boyfriend. He came over and we all smoked. Then he was meeting someone and asked us to go with. So P and I went over to his house. They were going to smoke again and we didn't need that. We set up the tv to watch Carebears. Very soon after, my sister shows up, with my mom.

It was the worst thing I've ever had to go through. She kept saying stuff like "what's that smell, oh I know what that is..." She seemed really pissed off at first, but then she looked at P and me and said "I'm not making fun of you, I may just be putting my foot in my mouth... I don't know". So I rolled my eyes and watched the movie.

She was cool about it all then.

P and I got a ride back to our house. We went and did laundry and then hung out at home. My sister's boyfriend called and I invited them both over. My sister didn't want to come tho cause she knew we were going to smoke.

But then someone called who I wasn't expecting at all. The bartender (from 1/28) actually called. I invited him over and he accepted (since he'll be around I'll call him Mix). P's hung out with him before, but I haven't. It was so much fun. He is really intelligent, but can be a little arrogant. We had a lot of fun chats. He's curious about the notebook and was interested in my theories (I have a couple).

My sister's boyfriend came over. We all sat and smoked. There were quite a few conversations going on at once. P and I were pleasantly surprised when my sister's boyfriend and Mix got along. They're both really big talkers...really big talkers.

My sister's boyfriend had to take off. That ended the smoking session. So Mix said his goodbyes as well. He seemed really enthused about doing it again sometime. Plus he wants us to go to the bar on Tuesday. It's fun to make new friends.

All in all, I think it was a successful weekend. Very eventful. Loads of drama. Lion is prolly still pissed off at me, but what can I do? It was fun!

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