Thursday, February 19, 2004

Chase me Kelly! Chase me! 

Um. Last night. Nothing new. Open jam at the bar. No really interesting or cool people. We did get to hang out with my sister's boyfriend all night tho, he's fun.

I didn't get to bed until 2. I'm a little annoyed with that. I couldn't function at the end of the night. Someone would be talking and I'd rest my head on my hand and close my eyes. I couldn't even write in the notebook! That's significant.

We meet the craziest people at the bar. This guy, we've played darts with him before, walks up and tells us this story about his roommate and how he's a million pounds overweight. Of course we got the long version filled with descriptions of how his flatulent aroma hung around. It was so sick, I almost died laughing.

Then he asked if I was a stripper.

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